Gears 5 doesn't save any info or progress after restarting it (on PC)

Every time i start the game, i reset the brightness and every option like it is the first time you launch it. Then it puts me in bootcamp and it doesn’t save campaign progress after restart i loose all my save files after restarting game. My multiplayer stuff is saved on cloud so i can see them at least but it is just annoying, anyone have any solution ?

Quick information this wasn’t happening before, while the game was in my HDD now i just installed it into my SSD but now it doesn’t save. I am guessing it could be because of something Windows 10 is causing but i can’t seem to fix it.

I have the same issue

Same here.

Crazy, I am having the SAME trouble. I really don’t know what to do. I read somewhere that you can try to reinstall the game, I am trying. I’ll text you if I’ll solve this way.

I dunno because I was scared I lost all my progress until I saw a (1) next to my name and that means I’m a guest :joy: