Gears 5 dlc item not in game

Has anyone had the issue where once redeeming an ingame item its downloaded on xbox but not appeared ingame

I redeemed the lancer code that came with the christmas sweater and not showing ingame

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Same thing happened with me with my winter kait code. Wrote tickets multiple times no response. TLDR, they don;'t care.

Yup happened to me. I messaged Merchoid support and they said it has not been added to the game yet and will be in the “coming days” please be patient sorry for the inconvenience. Ya I have no idea when it will show up but I’ve been checking since I redeemed the code on the 4th. I’ll let you know if I hear anymore info.

Thankyou mobster. I contacted Microsoft and they were useless. Sureky he should have checked this

Are you talking about Glacier Armour Kait?

No, he means a Lancer skin obtained with a sweater, which he then redeemed but didn’t receive. The OP is, at least.

Yeah, I wasn’t referring to OP. There’s three people who didn’t get something. Lancer, Ice Kait and this guy. No idea.

I’m pretty sure the guy who provided the screenshot’s had the same issue with the Lancer skin ; post says they contacted Merchoid support and I’m pretty sure they are responsible for selling the sweater and code for skin.

Yeah seems that way. Basically every single person hasn’t recieved it lol