In the Gears 5 era you would think we’d have a DLC Verses Gamemode with ALL THE OLD MAPS FROM PREVIOUS GEARS GAMES. If you want to make this game the Creame a la Creame this would definitely be the way. I mean we as players ALWAYS talk about it amongst ourselves ask Any seasoned player and they will confirm this. Also it would be nice to the option to aquire All the old Characters from previous Gears as well, seeing as the Carmines are back some of us Love our old characters like Hoffman or Dizzy that we grew with early in the Gears story. Hopefully you STRONGLY consider this in the near future and sit back and watch nothing but praise from Fans!

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You could make this available for the Holiday and rake in the $$$$… Jus saying from a merchandising stand point​:muscle::sunglasses:

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This would be a dream.

A dream that’s never going to come through.

It’s seems like we will probably get most / all of Gears 4 maps back.

But even then, TC haven’t bothered to do a re-skin or changes.

At least Epic did & made tweaks to maps to suit current style,

We know TC can do it (Raven Down, Impact Dark to name a couple) - but just hasn’t happened this time.


I think the lack of changes were more of a push to get more maps ASAP.

Now that we have a decent amount maybe they can make some tweeks to Gridlock and the rest before we eventually get them

I am not so optimistic. After all, we got 3 new maps in almost 1 year. That makes it 10 maps in gears5 ( ignoring copy paste of gears 4 maps). I still remember my excitement when TC released 2 new maps every month in gears 4. Op5 is make it or break it for gears 5. Hope TC can release at least 3 new maps (can include remake of maps from gears 1 to 3 but not in 4)


I reference the first few remade.

There was around 4-5 literally when the game launched, untouched.

No time of day, weather effects or any kind of new Atmosphere brought in for them and then we did get some more remakes up until they stated that they FINALLY understood we wanted more maps.

I don’t mind remakes. I don’t even mind no tweaks, but at least re-skin them!

There’s maps in 1-3 that are still better than what we got in 4 & 5 as original maps.

Sure, let’s try new maps too, but definitely wouldn’t mind a VOTE across all platforms giving us a choice of which TC should prioritise.

@TC_Sera - I’ve said for many, many years, when it comes to remakes, allow the fans to have a say. Whether here, Twitter and/or in Game, we can avoid remakes like Drydock, Rustlung & other maps people want the least.

It also allows TC to deliver remade maps we want, so it’s a double win. More maps. Everyone’s happy.

I also think it was a mistake to have FFA with its own maps. All maps should work with all modes. I’m glad they’re locked out because they’re pretty bad IMO. Just don’t have a flow to them.

FFA should have had one gigantic, dense, outdoor map with a real sense of having to scavenge and find weapons, either sit in a multi level area or use clever ways to move around (darkness, trains? Etc).



The trend is TC are giving / doing less.

Less maps, less skins (reference Chrome Steel - with Black Steel, we would get 3-5 Characters plus a whole weapon set & emblem, I think it was ever 2-3 months. Now look :sweat_smile: - even regular skins, base characters and split up sets!) as well as less maps with 5 then 4 and previous games. The original count made Gears 5 become repetitive/boring - FAST.

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