Gears 5 Divisions Platform specific or combined?

In Gears 4 with the introduction of the ranking system many experienced unfair placements and questioned if it was working properly.

To me it happened the following:

  • KOTH Onyx 3 95% (PC and Xbox) -> Next season 5 Placement matches (4 Wins ~2MVPs and 1 Loss) Bronze something (Played the 5 just on PC) * [I was advancing at a 5% per match won i don’t why i didn’t play until diamond, big regret here]

  • Guardian (Season 1 or 2) my friends got to Onyx 3 while I got stuck in Onyx 1 for the rest of the season

  • Got to TDM and Dodgeball Onyx 3 (~95%) however even if i won X number of matches it didn’t go up, but if i lost one then (~3%) for next season placements located me in gold or silver (just once in onyx) and for my friends onyx and a diamond they would end up in the same rank most of the time (Even after losing all placements)

My explanation is that the next two items blocked me from getting past certain percentages (If I remember correctly):

  1. After each season the data from your previous season is taken into account to calculate your placement towards the present season.

  2. Rankings are platform specific as in Gears of War 4, PC and Xbox had different ranking pools as expressed by TC somewhere (Can’t remember where) and i jumped from PC to Xbox and from Xbox to PC whenever I felt like it.

So taking everything into account ¿Are Divisions in Gears 5 platform specific PC & Xbox? ¿Are they combined? ¿Is this going to happen again?

This actually demotivated me from playing versus solo, just helped friends out to get their Diamonds after realizing it was not possible to get past a certain barrier due to this.

Disclaimer: I am no PRO, I consider myself average, but with constant wins and decent K/D ratio per match I believe I could grasp at least a Diamond 1,

Edit 1: In the last Gears in the machine, TC states that they will reset data from previous seasons so 1. no longer applies.