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they should put boost 999% to level up faster

Why not just give everyone max level, max cards and all skins?


Or be appreciative of the FREE boost that’s gives 100%(base) + 300% xp.


If only i could earn xp😢

How about giving us sad Dom? I prefer that over more xp.

The only part of that that upsets me is that I already had boost for the next 73 days lol.

But I didn’t pay for the iron so it really doesn’t matter. It’d just be cool if people who had boost get an extra 100% or something. Or had it converted back into the appropriate amount of iron/coins.


I’ve never bought boost because I play pretty much only Gears lol

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I stopped using Iron when coins became a thing, save for a couple Anya skins. So I was sitting on like 3000 iron or something and thought, “Screw it, let’s get the 100 days boost” when I decided to go for the reup 60 achievement.

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I actually got 200 days worth since I had so much Iron about a week ago. A friend of mine got a bunch of Boost too at the same time.

Got no use for the Iron so I thought “why not?”

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I swear some of these posts are dumber than what Clown says