Gears 5 discussion

Wanted black steel kait and weapon skins in store and also chrome steel elite grenadier! NoW!!

I’ll see what I can do.


Nah. If you missed out on the eSport streams then tough luck.



Unfair to the people who wasted their life clicking on the claim button.

Come on the every esports skin supposed. To be in store because you cant watch the thing it takes hours

No, not all of them are for sale. Some are an incentive for people to tune in.

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Yeah, while you are at it, do something about the lack of hivebuster Sam


Let me add on to this.

There’s a lack of Dom in this game.

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They should’ve brought back Black Steel Sam AND added Chrome Steel Sam too.

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Civilian Armor Sam
Hivebuster Sam
Chrome/Black Steel Sam.

Free money for TC from me. I guess they don’t want it.


I didn’t watch anything. I AFK’d during point streams and won a free blacksteel character. All it costed was some bandwidth I was already paying for.

Ditto. You just gotta remember when the streams are on and to set up your device. Not hard. I don’t think many people actually watch the stream.