Gears 5 Discord Community with Cash Prizes

UPDATE: We are live tomorrow, 5/13/2022 @10PM EST. Custom FFA. Prize pool is as follows:
1st Place $30
2nd Place $20
3rd Place $10.

Hey guys and gals, I host bi weekly cash prized tournaments for Gears 5 custom FFA games. It is a free entry, you pay nothing, and if you WIN, you gain money. All skill level is acceptable, as the tournaments are free and losing won’t harm you. Payments would either be in the form of cashapp or Xbox gift card currency(i.e. $50 or $100 Microsoft gift card) I have a discord server/community that is relatively new and still growing, where you guys can hang out, do scrims, wager, and participate in the different tournaments/events that are going on. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to join my discord server. Yuri's Famous Gears Stadium

P.S I do not discriminate against PC players, I encourage all to join. If you’re on console and you’re good, you should be able to clap a PC player.