Gears 5 | Disappointing

The Gears Story wasn’t good. The Last Act was awful… I never seen so much disappointment in my whole Gaming Career. I don’t know why they add “Choice” thing in Gears of War. I don’t want “Hey dude that’s your way how you play our game” I don’t want “Thats Canon and that’s not”. Dude I just want a linear Story Game. Act 1 was Perfect! All other… Sorry I can’t write it here so much disrespectful thing to their community. “partly open world” thing… I want linear missions filled with details. The snow area and sand area wasn’t filled it was boring. Im buying gears for an good story and multi-player but both aren’t in here. The multi-player is trash. Spamming flash grenade and op lancer you will be killed from a guy with a Lancer every second in koth… The horde is boring gears 4 was so much better but that’s just my opinion. You have nothing in horde like turrets or something or new things. Dude its just a disappointment. Escape feels non creative and is just after one round boring asf. Give us overrun from judgment the only thing I like in judgement. Give us beast mode its way more funny than these ridiculous escape mode. No rewards for playing the story. Why they sell the relict weapon skins in gears 5 instead of reward for players who collected all of them in the story?! Sorry everything is wrong in this game…


There are ways to survive in KotH. I do it all the time. But yes, flash bangs are a bit annoying.

You shouldn’t be killed every second by a Lancer. They’re definitely a bit stronger than I’d like but they won’t destroy you either. That is unless you’re being team crossed but that’s nothing new to Gears.

It was Metaphoric

Fair enough.

It’s difficult to know for sure because so many people blow things out of proportion here.

The player progresstion is non existant and makes the multiplayer feel stale. It’s funny because years ago multiplayer games had no earnable in game content when online games first came out. It became a positive thing to have more and more earnable content bringing more life to a games online play. Now the trend is reversing backwards as an excuse to make players pay for what should be earnable content included in the game.

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Exactly thats what actually happend

How to get those Rockstar and Chips skins if i don’t have them selling in my country and also not possible to watch official channel on Twich because of time difference? Is there any other way to get them??

I don’t know

I don’t get why they made us choose in act 4 if in Gears 6 their just going to make one of them cannon, it’s pointless and made me more confused than anything. Also flashbangs in KOTH are aids :-1:

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