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Gears 5 diamond skin

Hi guys, I got diamond on gears 5 but I ve got no skin, I know the game gives it sometimes, the question is this, now I’m diamond, but if when it will give me skin I won’t be diamond anymore, it will give me anyway or not? And the season is gonna finish. Thanks

Lancer Skin will go out on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re that worried about it, just don’t play any more in that playlist until then.

Ok thanks but the season finish at the start of next week, it will give me skin anyway for you? I really worked hard to be diamond just like 9 mvp in a row every time I play and if I don’t get skin I get mad :sob:

You will get your Diamond Lancer skin!!

Your skin rewards are based upon your highest watermark/rank you achieved during the entire season. As confirmed by Nodzero.

You’ll get it December 11th/12.

Yea that’s nice thank you :grin: