Gears 5 Diamond Gnasher, Lancer, Snub

Anyone know if the gnasher, lancer, snub diamond rewards will be back in future operations? I missed out on the operation when it was them. Reached diamond in operation 6 just to find out I will be rewarded diamond for retro lancer, boomshot and hammerburst :confused:

Gotta hope and pray unfortunately.

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Honestly don’t sweat it. Diamond skins do not mean what they used to.


Doesn’t matter what they mean as long as they look nice.


They dont


Gears 4 diamond definitely looked better imo as well as actually meant something lol


Gears 4 was easy, it was impossible to lose 2v2 gnashers, almost went diamond 5 in one night, gears 5 is so broken that you can’t carry no matter how good you get because of some problem in the net coding that is REALLY far broken :p. But I suppose losses also don’t hit you as hard either?

I missed a bunch too. Maybe TC can allow people to buy the Ranked skins for Coin as long as you attain that Rank in subsequent Seasons.

For example if you get up to Diamond Rank this season you can go to the store and buy the past skins for 10,000 coin each.