Gears 5 Devs really need to start doing something

Apparently there’s a tremendous lack of effort that was put into this game.

I’d like to ask a Dev on why they aren’t able to fully utilize the gears of war engine?

Not a single piece of cover is able to be damaged/degraded/diminished in any way.

You mean the Unreal Engine?

River says hi! Checkout sends regards!


Yes but you can still get shot in every piece of cover so…it’s like they are not even there.

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Yeah, There’s so much detail they never added to the game, if you shoot someone’s limb. (arms, legs, etc) there should be more physical damage done to the person receiving damage, add more dark spaces in the game where people blend in to certain area’s of the map, add the kryll, and have a way to activate light in those area’s like the mission during gears of war 1.

There’s so much things I personally would have added to the game which would make this game wonderful if I was ever put into the position for my ideas to be considered and tested/polished.

I’ve been a avid gamer for some time now, and I believe from the experience of playing games and being invested in different titles and having the experience of how various games play - I know exactly what would make gears of war a great game, Sure; I can’t code or anything but having my ideas brought to the dev teams so the animators and designers can have them worked on for the next gears of war title, or maybe upload a patch where these things are brought to the game so people can test it before it goes live.

Adding a berserker on the map for locust/swarm, and a updated polished silverback model that has better flexbility with the movement, different choices of weapons (trishot,mucler, a powerful stomp or melee attack, Ability to grab a basic locust enemy and execute him if they are too close)

If a player is rushing at me with a gnasher, There should be timed buttom press to counter the player rushing at you by shoving your boot in his face or performing a jumping curb stomp, or something to increase the quality of gameplay?

There’s a bloody scene in the gears 5 story where fhaz is boxing a bot, where is the hand to hand combat, or any type of brawler type combat, does it really have to just resolve around gnashers, sub, lancer, power weapons?

The True Gears of war vibe, having players able to mount on beasts, control different locust characters, actually use the versions of the locusts, Equip each selected locust/cog characters with their actual character background AKA Marcus would have a kit, ability list based on his lore’s history, dig deep into the gears of war story/lore and make it relevant during gameplay, Example Kantus would have a revival/healing ability to revive downed team mates, and heal players that are damaged. *there could only be one type of the same locust/cog on the map, no duplicates of the same character) The berserker/beast ride would require a certain number of elimination points, getting 8-15 kills without dying to have the ability to spawn in as another locust/cog.

I’m just spitting out random ideas, not even really thinking too much about it, Could spend hours really putting in effort on what could bring gears of war to alive again, and make the multiplayer really interesting and always filled with action and random things occurring where the mechanics aren’t too predictable and things are consistent and balanced.

I would really like to have a thorough conversation with anyone who makes the decisions for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The Devs obviously would never look at any of these forum posts anyway,.

I know which onces you’re referring to on checkout, which ones on River? (Gotta remember I started on 4, so don’t have Gears 2 experience with the map lol)

NVM the walls at Snipe/Tbow right?

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yeah there are boarded planks that can be broken but people just use the pillar in that building or the full cover instead of the half cover

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Very low quality animation of a wooden structure being chipped out with literally no effort behind it and the poorest animations I;ve ever seen of a wooden box or whatever being shot by any weapon.

they kinda break in like one shot tho they just explode

Since you brought up lore, weren’t the kryll exterminated by the lightmass bomb?

They could have been, but it wouldn’t hurt to have them still active on the map? or at least use things from the lore regardless if it was destroyed or not.

In general they need to add more to the game; multiplayer is stale and boring.

i completely agree

Yet the Devs continue to neglect these forum posts, they need to start trying to get a better view by actually talking with the player base on what would make the game better overall.

Please stop having the game tuned for these esport players.