Gears 5 - Dev Stream #24 - "8 Shot Gnasher, Gib Range, Wall Cancel"

Sorry this took so long, A tonne of account issues but I got it out as early as I could! Here are my thoughts. People keep responding positively to these threads so I will make another. Would love to hear your feedback.

Intro - 0:00
Sell Out - 0:40
Copyright Issues - 1:40
Devblog Start: 5:13
PVE Bug - 6:10
Developer Playlist - 6:47
Adhesion in Playlist - 8:59
Active Reload in Playlist - 11:04
My Response to DevPlaylist - 12:45
More Skill in GoW - 20:57
Original Omen - 25:11
Gnasher Gib Range - 26:39
TC’s Balance Approach - 27:08
Shotgun Bugs/Speed - 32:28
Seperate Balance for PC - 34:55
Torque Bow is Fast - 39:14
“What is Balance” - 41:37
Years of Previous Balance - 46:20
Wall Cancel to change? - 50:45
Dana on FIRE - 1:07:21
Disabling Certain Controls - 1:11:22
I’m losing it - 1:13:50
Single Stick Movement - 1:16:09
8 Shot Gnasher - 1:21:22
Hard Aim vs Hip - 1:28:20
Maps - 1:31:27
Outro - 1:34:28


Bump for post health. Nice video Z

This is one of the best Dev Blog in IMO & Zii’s coverage/highlights of it is on point.


Thanks alot!

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I think you’re spot on when you say that the game is clearly too fast. Like nearly all the issues that are frustrating players right now stem back to a root cause of players having too much speed and ability to change momentum on a dime.

As for your comment about how huge the gib range is… You may be on to something… I used to play on a monitor for the obvious advantages, but found a TV with a fairly low input lag (~15ms) and have played on that pretty much exclusively. However, I feel like the gib range is really small. I am CONSTANTLY getting mid 80’s for a damage percentage, and then getting one-shot by my enemy. I feel like if I hesitate for even a nano second I will not even get a chance to shoot, yet every shot I take is just outside of gib range. This again goes back to the overall speed of the game, but honestly, I have no idea how anyone feels this gib range is huge.

The biggest issue is that there is so much parody now in gameplay. It doesn’t matter what mode you play, what tier you are ranked in, nearly everyone attacks in the exact same way now in this game. Like a mouse in a maze looking for their cheese, players have found the easiest path to achieving their goal (a kill) and that is pretty much all you see now. Up-A’s, Back-A’s, Wrap-shots, Reaction-shots… that’s it, that is all players do in this game anymore. The redundancy of this is what is quickly killing the fun factor for many players. It just feels like its no longer a game of outsmarting your opponent, and really just a game of who can do one of the four listed above the fastest.

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I personally feel there is too much generosity with the gib range, and I’m actually a fan of tightening the spread of the pellets up. Hoping they work on magnetism, I do enjoy gnasher fights more but when I fight multiple people that magnetism will pull my shot towards the wrong player sometimes.

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Sad but your kind of right about how the meta revolvles around skill shots basically. I got hit wit wrap shots and reaction shots so many times, i literally started playing claw just so i can do it too