Gears 5 Desktop and Xbox Backgrounds


(Viytalic) #42

Any 1920x1080?

(Embry Starred) #43

No I found it online dont know who did it :confused:

(EVIL 0NE) #44

Just tweaked the Ice and Red Omen to look more blended…
I’ve replaced it with the updated version on the OP.

(MasterOfWar6615) #45

Ah thank you. The OP combo looked awesome but I was kinda upset that Ice was the right half and Fire was the left half but when OP combined the two Ice was on the left and Fire on the right. Maybe I’m a little too OCD but thanks for the correction here great work!

(EVIL 0NE) #46

I gotcha…
I reversed it for you and added it to the OP

(III EnVii III) #47

Wow, imagine turning on your PC late at night and BAM - that hits you :joy::joy::joy:

(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #48

he is very cool

(EVIL 0NE) #50

Added as requested.

Also added Kait repelling down to the op.

(NL Grexoz) #52

Thanks for these, Evil! Used one for my desktop. :smiley:

(J4CKA1) #53


AWESOME! I am using the bottom one for my work monitors and Kait on my One.


(III EnVii III) #54

Can’t wait till we see more from the game because then = more wallpapers :+1:

(Viytalic) #55

Is it possible to get the Ice on the left with Fire on the right but with the skull facing the correct way?

(III EnVii III) #56

Would like to see this too :+1:

(EVIL 0NE) #57

This is the best I can do to get the skull centered…

(III EnVii III) #58

Wow, excellent effort :raised_hands:

(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #59

is cool

(III EnVii III) #60

Yeah, got some on my desktop and phone too !

Plus I’m sure I’ve played with you online!! :blush::+1:

(SLyTaNicX) #61

special thanks to @EVIL_0NE , i’m gonna add 2 more wallpaper to the collection.

(III EnVii III) #62

That first one is dope as :+1:

(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #63