Gears 5 Desktop and Xbox Backgrounds


(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #22

very goodd the truth

(TC Vectes) #23

Love it! Great job @EVIL_0NE!

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the truth very good work

(Viytalic) #25


Rocking it now.

(w RAUL w) #26

This is what I’ve been waiting for since the trailer. Thank you.


I enjoyed the fact that Gears is exploring deeper into Kait’s past, therefore, delving deep into Queen Myrrah history. I know some fans are outraged about Kait becoming the lead character of the series, but Gears 4 hinted at her becoming the main character years ago. Her background pictures are worthy of her new role.


LOVE IT !!:sunglasses: #GEARSFAN4L I cant wait for Gear5 to drop Ive Been waiting patiently …

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Hi, I wanna share this wallpaper with everyone. I hope there isn’t a problem for using the previus images.

(LorrdexPL) #30

Bless you :slight_smile:

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Nice, they look amazing! Can’t wait for Gears 5, also really excited for Pop! and Tactics!

(Embry Starred) #32

These are dope but I found a slightly better fire and ice omen.

(Rusticangelic) #33

wow that looks awesome!

(Duffman GB) #34

Brilliant work :+1: :+1: :+1:

(Doctor Nillo) #35

Great job guys

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So here’s the first look on kait’s nightmares ?? interesting !!

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Awesome :clap: :fire::+1:t3:

(RickyMadeSticky) #38

Been looking for the ice blue one in HD. Thanks man!

(HUG3 N3WB) #39

Here’s my fire and ice omen. I didn’t like the extreme line of separation between the current submissions so I tried to make the separation more subtle.

You’ll see that the “frost” is creeping into the fire omen side a little :slight_smile:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Good work!

(HUG3 N3WB) #41

Thanks :slight_smile: