Gears 5 Data usage

Sup, just a quick question. Anyone know how much data gears 5 would use via hotspot?? Im gonna be in the middle of the woods at my cottage next week. And its suppose to rain a couple days. I wanted to play some horde or escape by myself but i know i have to be online. Was gonna hotspot my phone and enjoy 100 ping.

I cant find exact numbers but I would guess that Gears 5 uses a fair bit of internet, If you have limited data I would recommend playing for 30 mins and just seeing how much data the game uses. Also disable game updates during that time if you do use a mobile hotspot.

Lol glhf. I use hotspot (aka @HerrKatzchen invincibility shield) on occasion. It’s awkward yet doable.

this is my data usage for the month

Really all the information far as playtime to data usage
the rest you’ll have to figure out yourself

Thanks. How do i check this? Im sure a couple hours wont kill my phone haha. I do have 20gb high speed then unlimited after that but low speed

Since I’m PC for Gears 5 I go to
Settings -> Network & Internet -> Data Usage

I Don’t have an Xbox but with a quick search it says
Settings -> Network Settings -> Bandwidth Usage
It’ll show all your data usage though and not just Gears

Estimate a little higher than this.

Online gaming per hour uses very little data.

I’ve played PvE more than my fair, healthy share (multiple hours a day during “covid times”) on a hotspot and never went over 10gb… Not including updates, of course.

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Could try playing for an hour and checking the data usage and use that to base it off of.
I only used 65GB in a month when playing the game extensively so I think you will be fine.

Yea that’s what im gonna do