Gears 5 Customizations? 🤔

I’ve been on about the main issue for a while now, not being able to set weapon skins separately per faction (COG / Swarm) or for Horde. Some people brushed it off, and even said it was possible to do it, if it is, it’s too complex for me. It’s a weird thing to mess up, since it ties in to how TC makes money with the microtransactions.

People will pay $20 for the AAPE Kait skin/weapon set, then when using it, it’s gonna put all her weapon skins on the Swarm side also. So, when they buy a special set for Swarm, they won’t be able to have both on at the same time, just the character skins.

It’s also annoying to not be able to choose your character in the customization section, to be used for social and ranked. You just set their stuff here, and have to choose during a match, so if you forget who you had last, you have to check when you go to start a Classic Quickplay or ranked match.



This was a massive step backwards.

I too said this but people said you could have different skins for factions but I was sure you couldn’t and I remember TC saying in a tweet it isn’t possible yet.

Sucks, hope they re-instate this feature.

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During the Tech Test, I asked @TC_Octus on Twitter, and he said it wasn’t possible and that there weren’t any current plans to add it.

Some people and even I thought he misunderstood me, because I was also suggesting they just throw weapon customizations under the current character customizations so that it’d end up being an upgrade over GOW4, with you setting each character’s full set individually , and choosing them on the fly.

I guess that wasn’t the case, and for whatever reason they felt it wasn’t necessary? Even though they are already releasing character skins with matching weapon sets like AAPE Kait?

It’s just really strange to me, I don’t get some of the decision making, especially for easy stuff to get right like this, that they did right before, that doesn’t take any special technical magic to fix.


I don’t like having the same set for COG and Swarm but hopefully if enough people complain then TC might do something about it.

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I mean I liked having separate skins but yet I don´t complain for shared stuff either because well I remember playing Gears 3 and had to think on my weapon skins so it would match both sides I guess.

LOL, no one likes it. That’s why it was done properly in GOW4, even with Horde having it’s own Char/Weapon set section. Who would like it? There’s tons of character skins that go with their own weapon sets, it’s completely silly to go backwards like this, in an area where you make tons of your post-release $ as a dev team at that.


Agreed for sure.

but that would mean they actually had to put usefull work time into it.
this system is so much easier to call it a day.
you want unique characters F that everybody is the same you play how we want you to play.

This is total 1 step forwards 2 steps back.

Wow, I didn’t realize this

I always have different skins for each weapon applied to “match” the character I am using.

What the point in having so many choices, if you can’t set each faction

Pretty sad if you ask me



If not per character then at least per faction!

Little late but yeah man, I completely agree. It seems like they just forgot people like making there own personal things to each character to make them feel special to them and like the post said they did it beautifully in gears 4. Now tho in gears 5 they kinda dropped the ball, but maybe if we keep nagging them. They might just give us a new operation AKA update and fix it. But we just gotta keep pulling there leg man XD.

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Let’s get this going again!

hi I’d like to just discuss the weapon customization in gears 5 and how it used to be better when it was separated with COG and Swarm like in Gears Of War 4. I think the separated weapon customizations worked better because we could match the weapon skins with our swarm/locust characters, and then also match with our COG Characters, it’s just a better way for customization all around, if y’all at TC could bring this back it’s be much appreciated.



I’ve said it about 100 times since Gears 5.

This insanely obvious and very favoured feature should have been implemented long ago. A simple LB/RB (or whatever your controller scheme says) tab switch at the main weapons menu would be sufficient.

There are certain skins I prefer only on my Swarm side and vice-versa.

It’s not a difficult request.


yes, for example, I have chrome steel queen myrrah as my swarm character and would only like to use the liquid metal weapon skins on the swarm side, however, on the COG side, I use private akagi and want to use my neon glow weapon set because she’s got a green tint to her, it’s very easy to implement into the game and I’d doubt TC will do it because it won’t “fit the style of the game”


It blows my mind on their decision for not keeping this in Gears 5.

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