Gears 5 customisation problem and Rng supply drops

After hearing about Gears 5 new ways of unlocking content, I have some concerns with some of the ways of unlocking contents.

Tour of duty - Interesting idea to keep players engage, but the problem with this is that it’s season based and not everyone will get the chance to unlock the content of every season.
Iron- Premium currency that is unnecessary and is a way to overcharge players to unlock premium content. Tour of duty will let you earn some iron, but probably won’t be not enough to unlock what you want without paying questionable prices.
Supply drops- Rng will be just as bad as ever. They said you will get supply drops for playing a certain amount of time. How long will it will be to unlock one and will it be reasonable?
Boost- Another unnecessary item that can only be bought. Why make it a grind to level up if your going to give people a shortcut?

After hearing this out I feel disappointed that this is the way to unlock content in Gears 5. This feels like another live service game, but maybe I’m over thinking this. Feel free to post your thoughts and thanks for reading this thread.

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