Gears 5 custom skins! (Sequal to my other Gears 5 thread)

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Other thread if anyone is interested.

                          Gilded Clayton vs. Original.

                      (Better) Gilded Scion vs Gilded Scion. 

                DR-1 re-up reward vs. DR-1 Protector + Extra DR-1 Skin

                              Omen Imago vs. Imago


Gears 4’s Golden Gear was a reskin of Clayton.
I wonder why there was no Golden Gear in 5. It seems like an obvious choice for Vermelo.

I just had to look it up.

I didn’t know that is a skin.

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the deebee is my main, i would probably buy any recolor of it, those look great


Appreciate it! Any color scheme’s you’d like to see?

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I miss the Ninja Deadeye.

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Hmmm, i have always liked a specific color palette, that is with a style like, all white with various blue or pink details, like these skins of the smash ice climbers, I know that heroic skins is partly that, but the gold in them it misleads that cleanliness that it would have if it were only blue and white and that is why they are not one of my favorites, apart from almost none of my mains (only karn) have a heroic skin, it would be nice if they took out skins with that style and with both colors blue and pink, mmm would also be interesting a uir deebee or a deebee with the dr-1 color palette

me too, most of the gears 4 deebee recolors were good, cardboard and nutcracker are great but they are too few skins for deebee, i miss dr-1 christmas tree

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Something like these?

I totally loved the first skin of the Shepherd, it is one of the skins that I would buy with iron as soon as it came out even if a week later it was with gearscoins