Gears 5 Crossplay Settings

Does anyone know if the option to turn off crossplay in Gears 5 will be available? I ask because I primarily play on PC now and found it nearly impossible to find ranked matches for certain modes (Execution, Escalation, etc.). I hate the idea of splitting the community in two, leaving the lesser of them behind. Out of my almost 100 hours of playing on PC, I’ve come across 0 hackers, which seems to be the concern for a lot of people.

I really hope Gears 5 doesn’t end up like Gears 4; a game where the PC platform is left behind.

For ranked, yes, I’m pretty sure they mentioned there’ll be a toggle. It’s not just for cheaters, it’s because of the innate advantage of using a mouse. It does suck for someone like me, who has 71 days of Versus logged, and have only ever used a controller.

The game is going to be sold on Steam also on PC though, so that could help us out a bit on that front, if they start advertising it more that is.

So will it also be toggleable to stop them from getting matched up with players who are using M&KB on console? Gears 5 will have native support for M&KB for console, so if it’s not toggleable for both scenarios then I’d be very confused and would effectively make the option to turn crossplay off obsolete

I’m not sure they got into all that. I did ask the question about whether they’d do something similar to Fortnite and the new Modern Warfare’s matchmaking. In those it will match m/kb players with m/kb players and controller players with controller players, regardless of platform. If there’s a mix of controller and m/kb in the same party, it matches them with everyone.

I didn’t get an answer to that though. I assume they’ll answer those questions in July, when they start showing off and talking more about Versus.

It’d be really cool if they went that route though.

Hmm, I was just rewatching the latest dev stream, and the crossplay toggle question came up. TC_Octus said they’d clarify that when they talk about it later, and made it seem he actually doesn’t really know. So, who knows, maybe they are going to do something different. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Fortnite/Modern Warfare method to be implemented.

If it’s like Gears 4, the crossplay toggle will only disable crossplay in Ranked while Social would still be crossplay regardless of your toggle setting.

Oh yea, if there is a toggle, I highly doubt it’ll be for anything other than ranked.

Doesn’t really apply to Gears in my experience.

Plus, Gears 5 is rumoured to support M&K keyboard anyway.


They should allow input method MM.

Or since both choices are there, have it less black and white.

But OP,

The toggle does exist exactly like 4.

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LOL, in my experience the advantage is clearly there. Even if you want to ignore the easier accurate aiming with the mouse, the fact that you can go insane on the sensitivity when controller locks at it’s 30 max is already a HUUUUGE advantage when talking equal skilled controller player vs equal skilled m/k player.

I played in squads on Discord alot, in order to find Escalation matches back in the day, most of them would be on m/k with very high sensitivities, and so many of them could easily win in 1v2 and 1v3 situations against very good controller players, not because they aimed better than them, but because they could aim insanely faster than them.

I’ve seen certain people in the community in the past try to bring up the “doesn’t apply to gears” convo, and I understand what they’re trying to say with it possibly being not an advantage to the extent of other shooters, but goodness, it’s still a big advantage. Allowing for higher sensitivities on controller would lessen it, since that’s a big part of it, but even then it’d definitely still be an advantage to be on m/k.

They should just go the Fortnite route with matchmaking.

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I still disagree.

The players skill is what makes them better, not the speed of aim or whatever.

Because the higher the sensitivity, the more volatile it becomes and the twitch kills can be difficult. There is a trade off.

Plus, Gears is more than just aim, it’s movement and game IQ.


I looked at the prices recently and it seemed to be anywhere around £50 to £250. :grimacing:

Decent, my M&K cost almost £400 :sweat_smile:

Yea, but the issue is not having the ability to also up your sensitivity, when you can actually handle it. That’s where said advantages start to come in. If a controller player can handle double the current max on controller, and they’re up against a m/k player that’s using well over that max that can also handle the sensitivity, it’s gonna look ugly for that controller player 9/10 times.

Gears is about more than just aiming, but aiming is def a big part, and it can’t be argued that it’s equally easy to aim with an analog stick as a mouse, that’s not even an argument. Then the ability for infinite sensitivity, the advantage just stacks up in that department.

Ofcourse, game IQ and movement come into play, but we have to ofcourse look at it from a standpoint of both players being of equal skill when doing the comparison. There are controller players that’ll win against PC players that are great, because they’re just that much better, but they’re still handicapped, so you can’t really use them as an example of it being fair.

It has to be 1:1 skilled players you do the comparison with, otherwise you’re just arguing that it’s “possible” to win on controller, which isn’t really a good argument for there not being much of an advantage.


If it’s 1:1 matched, then the input method isn’t going to be a huge deciding factor.

It’s always player skill.

Movement and Game IQ is far more important than simple mouse with unlimited sensitivity.

For this game, mouse doesn’t become the deciding factor.

This is my experience in the real world of playing the game.

You can argue theory all you want.

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I don’t get why it would be so expensive though. In fact, only one keyboard seems to be compactible with Xbox One.

And it’s the £249.99 one… that’s almost like buying another whole Xbox console again. What’s up with that?

Almost no-one might buy that for Xbox One console. It’s better off with PC.

Mines a high end one, obviously for PC.

And the £250 is not that bad for console but it’s the first and Razer are premium.

There will be cheaper ones soon.


I play on a Elite Controller - which was £150 or so.

I’ll be getting Elite Series 2 which is £160 I believe.

So even for Xbox Players, the ones that are high end and would benefit from M&K - £250 might not be impossible.

Also, again, I fully expect cheaper ones to be out soon.

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That’s not really a thing. My Xbox friends complain about sensitivity and I invite them to try it sometime. Yes, you can crank your sensitivity, but then you start missing shots and you don’t have the gift of aim assist. If this was a peek shooting game, that would be valid. But, movement is what makes Gears different from other FPS. Gears movement was made for the controller and is really best on a controller. I spent a lot of time using both. Some skills got better using a mouse, others never reached the level I had with a controller.

Gears movement is muscle memory based. You get a certain, predictable response from slamming the sticks hard left and right that can’t quite be replicated on a mouse. That’s why a mouse is better for tracking but a controller rules for replicating tight patterns.


Absolutely :+1:

At upper levels, lancer play and crossing is key. Every time I watch top PC players (M&K) the accuracy with most of their lancers is noticeably tighter than any pro console / controller player that I have seen. When it comes to movement however, I’ve yet to see a PC player with M&K that has the abilities to move like top controller players.

Unless they decide to do what I do with most other games like Overwatch, use a controller for your left hand, mouse for your right hand. :slight_smile: