Gears 5 Crossplay Ranked

why is crossplay auto turned on should be off by default and im unable find any games with it turned off at all 30min que timed and stoped it i dont want to play against pc players!! unfair advantage

Let me get this straight: you’re complaining about crossplay, fair enough but you’re also complaining that you can’t find a match with crossplay off?

And that’s PC players fault? Really?


You have intense aim assist, we don’t. The only advantage would be fps and even then a good Xbox player smacks an intermediate PC player.


Who cares lmao. You literally only have to turn it off once in your life…

So nice to hear a console player complain about not being able to find matches. :smile:
Justice loves irony.


Finally knows what the PC struggle is like


Aim assist not sure about that, not on competitive. I’m an average player and a PC team just destroyed. I agree it should be off by default. People want cross play with ps not necessarily PC/mouse keyboard

Here we go more pc bashing again. Anyways Gears 5 has mouse and keyboard support on console so this kind of complaining has got to stop. Just because you have mouse and keyboard doesn’t automatically make you a god tier gears player. Also console has a very strong aim assist while mouse and keyboard doesn’t get any at all.

Then the PC team was better.
I don’t get what you want.
I’ve played against plenty of Xbox players who have absolutely destroyed me and I’ve beat my fair share of good PC players.

Edit: Also welcome to the community

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Hi! Thread necro!

I saw this post from another forum linking to this, stating how unfair PC vs console players are. As a PC player coming from Gears of War 4 to now Gears 5 on PC, let me give you my perspective as to why it’s not off by default.

This is one of the very few shooter games be it first or third person where having a keyboard and mouse does not give you an advantage. For example, you cannot wall bounce with a mouse and keyboard.

Where it helps are guns where it is single shot that require accuracy, but let’s be real Gears characters are wide targets, enough to still be accurate even with a controller. Gnasher though, you just snap the same way you would with a controller or mouse and shoot. Lancer, you just aim and shoot.

The only advantage I could see for example is say me playing Gears 5 at a higher resolution with higher LOD. I “might” be able to see a person farther due to that but that’s honestly a strong “might.”

If you’re a seasoned veteran in Gears series, or heck even new to the game and you’re just ranking up fast, playing against a mouse and keyboard is not going to leave you at any real disadvantage.

Just my 2 cents.

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