Gears 5 crimbo jumper

Now up for pre order

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@SaffronSnail276 you have to see this man …

and I thought Delivery Driver Mac was the sky limit !! now they are going to sell Christmas sweaters .

Been doing a chrismas jumper a few years now. 2016 I think


I would buy one If I happen to use sweaters , however I don’t like wearing them.

they look great man.

Oooh! Looks flammable.

without a doubt man if they are made of wool , they would catch fire more violently than a backdraft .


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You’re not planning to send an Incendiary bomb to the Coalition headquarters “courtesy of the Locust” style, are you?

Hm…no, but now that you mention it that does sound rather festive. :+1:

if by Operation 2 the game its not better… A lot of people would be thinking of doing that.

I was not serious, though. So don’t get any ideas.

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I know man… me neither. I wouldn’t hurt people just because I don’t like a game. :smile:

Wonder if the lancer dlc code with this will end up worth a fortune like all the others

They should move to Delivery driver Mac merch. It’s the future of Gears.

Although I do actually like the design of it. I proabbly wouldn’t buy it though and if I did buy it I think I’d just end up spending more time looking at it than wearing it.