Gears 5 crashing on Xbox Series X

I have an Xbox series x. Gears 5 has been crashing for a literal month and a half for me now. I’m stuck in quick play because the number of quick play matches increases the more this game crashes mid or at the end of a competitive match. I was banned for 2 quick play matches and now my highest is 8. It’s literally driving me insane. This game actually thinks I’m quitting when I’m actually disconnecting . Anyone else having the same problem?

Try the search option and u will see.

Good luck.

It feels like I’m stuck in a loop because it resets when the game doesn’t crash for about a day or two. But it’s been happening frequently and now I’m about to finish my second round of 8 quick play matches which is the most I’ve been banned for something I didnt do. I’m at seven right now but I predict by the end of today or tomorrow, it’s going to be 8 again. Please help. This issue is really making go psychotic. My tv is new. Xbox is new. Have 5G internet. This is the only game the crashes on my system. Why?


I guess not this time Neptune.

Yeah hit that link @OldMonkeyNut so generously provided for you. It seems to be a Microsoft issue. I just got a series X about a week ago and so far so good. Seems to be more prevalent in earlier production units from what I’ve read.

i feel stuck on loop seeing the same threads posted on the forums

Search option? I’m at lower ping

Rich parents?


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I have the SAME problem. Gears 5 needs a minimum of support!

Send your faulty Xbox back to Microsoft for replacement

The console is new, i bought it before Christmas and I didnt have this problem with Gears. Uninstall the game can work??