Gears 5 - Crashing on Startup

Hey peeps,

Gears 5 is crashing on startup for myself after completing the easy anti cheat splash screen, then the gears splash screen, then it goes full screen with a black background for 1-2 seconds then force closes. I was wondering if anyone has seen the same issue?

Here is what I’ve tried thus far:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Gears 5 making sure to install to C:\
  • Updating Windows and Graphic Drivers
  • Making sure my page file is set to automatic on all drives
  • Signed out of the Windows Store & Xbox Live and signed in again
  • Reset the Store and Xbox related apps via Apps & Features in the Windows 10 Options
  • Made sure as many processes as possible were closed during startups
  • Tried starting the game with a single 16:9 monitor connected

What works:

  • Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate seems to be active and I can play other titles via Game Pass
  • Game seems to fully download okay as far as I can see but that is tricky to check with Windows Store apps
  • Other Store games work such as Forza Forizon 4
  • Other Store x86 Games work such as My Time at Portia
  • No issues with other games I’ve been playing recently on other platforms such as uPlay, Steam etc


Intel i7 3770k
Nvidia 1080 Ti
24Gb Ram
Windows/Game on 250Gb SSD with 30Gb free space

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Not sure where to go from here,

Here is the Event log errors:


Please create a support ticket at

Thanks, sent that off about an hour a go! :slight_smile:

Hoping the community may also have some insight but I suppose if someone has found a fix if they were having the issue is probably deep into gameplay and not poking around the forums :laughing:

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Hi Mate, i’ve had the problem since last night, I havnt found a workaround so its now up to the developers to find the bug - i’ve tried all sorts of drivers too.

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Nice to hear I’m not the only one! Hopefully our submitted tickets will help them diagnose the issue.

Was losing hope as I haven’t been able to find many people with the same issue on Reddit, Twitter & Discord channels so must be something semi obscure.

Hoping for a fix or work around soon :slight_smile: If I find anything I’ll be sure to pass on the info.


we are having a similar problem my friend cant get past the 2 second black screen after the anti cheat before it force closes

Welcome to the club !..

Same problem for me. I have this problem since the tech test. I posted on this forum and on reddit, No official answer. I contacted microsoft support, They told me they would give me news in 24 hours. It’s been 1 month …

I tried all that was possible to try in the world. And I even formatted…

Ticket #3537

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Same here.
1080 Ti

I have the same problem and same error code as you. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked.
I really don’t understand these “Faulting application path” because everything is there…

Same here, my specs: i5 4440, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Ti, Win10 1903

Exactly the same here,

Xeon W3690@4.0Ghz
Nvidia gtx 1070
16Gb Ram
1 Tb ssd with 500gb free, and installed on a 2tb drive with 1tb free, same.

Frustrating error. I have done everything, the game refuses to load.

Every every game of the hundreds i have work flawlessly, EVERY. Gears5 is the only game that throws me to the desktop.

Very frustrating, gearbox.


You had to follow a few prompts to get to it but just easier if i link it.

thank you still same problem… i hope gearbox will fix it… i have a day one xbox console and i prefer playing on PC… but it seems i am forced to play on xbox…

Hey guys I was with this same error and I disassembled ASUS AURA and solved the problem, hope it helps you too, hug

Sorry for google translate, i am brazilian

Just to add to this. Guessing this is related to the issue which it spams event viewer when loading:


I don’t have a harddisk6 so not sure where it is trying to page to.

Also the Path created by Windows Firewall seems odd:



Been doing some more digging and looks like this could be related to the Xvd drive it creates?

There were multiple instances of the Xvd drive which I’ve uninstalled and kicked off a download and now the Page File disk errors have moved to HardDisk7


I’m pretty sure this event is the issue:


I’ve asked a friend whos game launches fine to check their events and they don’t have the migration error event. Not sure how to fix it but hopefully the info helps.

I have the exact same problem. Even reinstalled windows today, no dice. How is it possible a triple A game can have such bugs?

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I have that event!!!

You are very close. I have eliminated the xvd virtual drive and the game doent load at all, any splash window. And the other xbox games worked.

Now i am reinstalling gears… because it doesnt load anything… :frowning: but in that drive is the question.

Its a shame.

sorry about my poor english.

I’ve even experienced crashing on consoles too hope they get this fixed soon

I’ll tell you all what worked for me. I have tried everything… Last resort I disabled my sound card in device manager and low and behold it booted up… Basically it was my X-FI sound card… I disabled it and enabled my on board Realtek card and now i can play with no issues… just a thought… try and disable your sound card… you never know… works for me…