Gears 5 crashing on pc

stupid game always crashing on pc

Submit a ticket,

Detail the issue,

Include system specs,

Any videos/screenshots help massively.


ok thanks

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No matter how many tickets and proofs you send to them, they take too long to reply, and without solutions, I made a post here and Answers Microsoft website and many other sites more than a year ago. I’ve tried everything, even replaced RAM, CPU, Motherboard, etc. etc.
This and Gears of War 4 are the only games with this kind of issues, the common denominator is TC and their lack of compromise to fix It. So I don’t care if they put Batista or Stallone or whoever, their priorities are others, My last hope is the upcoming Update fix all the issues like the example I posted below.

Wow that’s a huge detailed post, cheesus.

Anyways, I can simply confirm that it’s a relation between the engine of the game and the video driver of Nvidia graphics cards, at least the 10XX series. TC even attempted to find a stable version together with Nvidia and released one eventually which was slightly better but still causing crashes.

And I also know that if you have the 1080 (like me), the only driver version that “works” is 382.53 (doesn’t work with any of the other series). There was a post (which for whatever reason got removed) back in the Gears of War 4 days which described the issue and how to workaround it (by installing driver version 382.53). I have done the same and since then tested various different video drivers. I get the crash after pretty much exactly 2h (I usually crashed at the end of a Horde match, just before finishing it) with any other driver than 382.53. With this one driver, I only get a crash after loading up like 100 escape hives (when I was grinding for XP basically). Other than that it was extremely rare for any crashes to happen.

That’s all I can say regarding this topic.