Gears 5 crashing (desktop) after 5-10 minutes playing on (horda, escape, versus, etc etc)

2 days ago I was playing very well … and today I connected and this happens to me, the game crashes on the desktop, (no error message).

Any fix ?


Same here :frowning_face:

just came here to chime in… I’ve a 1080 TI - the game just hangs after a few minutes. It crashes after a few more seconds. everything was fine before this update.

thanks for breaking the chainsaw with OP3 and now just making it unplayable on PC. my spouse is glad that I go to bed on time now. please don’t fix this.


same here bro a play almost everyday. I think the new update f up something on the pc side

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Yup same, screen freezes then eventually closes

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mine dose it now -_- happy i finished it months ago

Yeah same here too. Ever since the updated my game has crashed.
I did everything I can and nothing works. The game Freezes and crashes every time.

Roll back drivers,crashed
Windows insiders (fast) crashed
Updated driver Crashed

If you can help with this issue @TC_Octus Thank you

OS build : Windows 10 1909 18363
Cpu: Amd ryzen 7 3800x
Motherboard: MSI MEG X570 ACE
Ram: 16 GB
Video card: RtX 2080

Same here… i just don’t know what to do

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I just noticed that every time i use my 4k 60hz monitor it doesn’t crash. But when i use my 1440p 144hz it crashes every time.

can you please try to limit the frames to 60 fps on the 1440p 144hz. what gfx card do you’ve? I’m assuming you didn’t change Video settings between the two monitors?

I tried to set max frames to 60. still crashed. so it’s not just a matter of fps.

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The game crashes after 5-10 minutes even when it’s only on menu screen, so i am pretty sure it isn’t about fps

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There’s an interesting thread going on in Reddit. For people on Nvidia cards this game is still working for - are likely running the previous version of the game.

If you’ve an Nvidia card and version of the game and your game is stable - please share your video settings.

For anyone having this issue - I got past it by disabling the overlay by Riva Tuner Stats Server (RTSS). I’ve the latest drivers and playing with the Video settings that I always used to. Latest version of Win 10 OS as well.

I suggest disabling all software that can create an overlay on top of the game graphics for now. May be they’ll fix this, may be they won’t but at least if this works for everyone - we can all get back to sleeping late.


I’ll try that right away. Game is crashing after about 4-8 minutes of playing. For the last few days I just can’t play it.

edit. IT’S WORKING! just played about an hour without a freeze/crash! THANK YOU.

Thanks for confirming! Happy to have helped a gearhead

helped me also but when i turned it back on it crashed lol

I’m a bit lost with RTSS, in which option should I disable the overlay… (but you won’t see fps, if you disable it right)?

correct you wont

It worked!!! Dude, thank you so much!