Gears 5 crashed during multiplayer and wiped my solid state drive

Hello, so I don’t really type on forums, but I thought this should be brought to attention. I was just in a multiplayer match, and I have been getting crashes here and there. I simply just restart the game /computer and it’ll be fine. This recent crash trying to find a ranked execution match however actually caused my computer to crash and wiped my laptop back to factory default. I lost everything on my primary boot drive except windows 10, but my secondary drive is still intact. I couldn’t restore my computer because no restore point could be found. I’m trying to find a way to recover everything, such as all my projects in 3ds max, maya, unreal engine 4, substance painter, word, etc. Very unfortunate, and I honestly don’t know if Gears 5 was the real culprit. These crashes only happened when I started playing Gears 5, and if this happened to me I don’t want it happening to anyone else out there, so please, back up your hard drives, solid state drives, whatever.