Gears 5 «Covering Fire» Achievment Solo

I did not succeed in these manipulations with 2 controllers.

Can’t you do the same method as before but on Capture the Flag?

River is much faster my friend(at least in my experience). Each round on River took me 4-4and a half minutes, so about a half an hour per 7 rounds.

What went wrong?

It was with kills, but the fire tends to gradually travel backwards towards the entrance of either house. This can be an inconvenience for the person throwing shocks and makes them have to readjust their aim.

Sure it’s fine if you fully intend to concentrate 100% on it, but I like to try and set it up and then use one hand to just press RT and the other for my phone to pass the time quicker.


Had me worried for a bit.


i dont see why not, only thing is in guardian you could tweek respawn time and protection to almost 0, not sure what ctf has for settings.

From the beginning. Technical moments. I created lobby: Arcade Deathmatch. Then create guest account. Associate second controller with this account. And what next? Do you have video instruction for these settings?

I knew some filthy b*stard would go down that route.

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Connect and log in the second controller as a guest BEFORE you start the lobby. The lobby will then have two screens. I don’t have video instructions for setting up the lobby, no.

Fair enough!