Gears 5 Corrupted Every Day

Hello forum, what’s up!

I’ve been having a problem since the OP 4 update. The problem consists in every time I start Gears 5 (after the update) it says to me it’s some kind of corrupted or dunno exactly what, the point is I can’t start the game and I have to reinstall it from 0. It happend twice or three since the update and you know, I have quite good internet but It’s kinda annoying to be installing 100GB+ every single morning.

Does anyone know why It keeps happening this to me?

Additional info: I play on PC
PS: sorry for my english, i’m kinda mad atm so I can’t think in writing properly in English

I don’t play on PC so I can’t help with the specific problem, but my general advice would be to get the exact error message and update post with that, will probably make it easier for someone to possibly help.

Check your hard drives

It doesn’t tell me I have a ‘X error’. I just start Gears and when it’s finishing the initial charge just close it. When I check MS says that, ‘you have a prob with the app, reinstall it’’

I reinstall it on my 2nd internal HDD all this days and it’s been always the same. This morning I tried to an external HDD just in case and still having the same prob.

EDIT: i just checked my 2 HDDs, the 2nd internal one (the 1st has no space) and the external one and none problem found. I checked the forum and It seems that has happened before, but like in September, when the game was released. I had no problem with this till OP4 patch came in.