Gears 5 control mapping screws up when using different input methods since OP4

hi, i made a new post/title for this just to describe the problem a little better.

me including others experienced a problem ingame where controller mappings get out of control and the game makes actions for itself when no button is pressed.
in my case, i play hybrid setup on pc (controller and mouse, keyboard for chat) and i suddenly pick up things without doing anything. This mostly happens in intense hill fights where a lot of stuff like ammo etc lays around. its so annyoing i cant play the game rn.

other mention (they play only controller and type with keyboard) aftey using textchat with keyboard, their mappings screw up too.

so it seems using different input methods causes big issues since OP4 launched. before OP4 i for myself had absolutely no problems. others shared similar experiences.

if anybody has same issues, feel free to response here, hoping for TC to listen

I’ve already submitted a bug report at,