Gears 5 content - for those telling Gears has less content than previous Gears

After reading recent threads about how Gears lacks in content, enemies and modes, that I think that fair thread about content should appear.

Edit note: sorry for editing style but I could not get it to work on my phone.

Note before lists: I know about bugs, exploits, glitches, however this list wont count this into it, as it’s not related to quantity of content.

  1. Modes:
  • Campaign(has server browser):
    A. Singleplayer
    B. COOP up to 3 players
  • Versus modes(has server browser):
    A. TDM (social, private, ranked and Player vs AI)
    B. King of the Hill (social, private, ranked and Player vs AI)
    C. Escalation (social, private, ranked and Player vs AI)
    D. Gridiron (social, private, ranked )
    E. 2vs2 Only gnasher (private, ranked)
    F. Execution (private)
    G. Guardian (social, private)
    H. Dodgeball (social, private)
    I. Armsrace ( social, private)
    J. arcade TDM (social, private)
    K. arcade Blitz (social, private)
    L. Free for All (social, private)
    M. Developers playlist (social)
    N. warzone(private, social?)
    O. versus events playlist ( social only):
    a. OSOK
    b. Golden Gun
    c. KOTH GO
    d. Bunny hunt
    e. FFA OSOK
    f. FFA GO (private version available)
  • Horde(has server browser):
    A. 4.0 variant (50 waves)(social, private)
    B. Frenzy (12 waves)(social, private)
    C. Terminator (20 waves)(horde event - not available)
    D. Jingle juvies (20 waves)(horde event - not available)
  • Escape (has server browser):
  • Map editor (Escape only - beta)
  • Bootcamp
  1. Maps
  • Versus/ Horde maps:
    A. Allfathers Arena
    B. Asylum
    C. Bunker
    D. Canals
    E. Dam
    F. District
    G. Exhibit
    H. Forge
    I. Foundation
    J. Harbour
    K. Icebound
    L. Lift
    M. Pahanu
    N. Reclaimed
    O. Training Grounds
    P. Vasgar
  • 2vs2 Maps:
    A. Boxes
    B. Mid
    C. Arena
    D. Annex
  • FFA maps:
    A. Nethercutt
    B. Pit
    C. Core
  • Escape Maps:
    A. Hive(Past Hive)
    B. Mines
    C. Descent
    D. Gauntlet
    E. Hunters
    F. Wanderer
    G. Venom Run
    H. Clock
    I. Labirynth
    J. The Surge
    K. Forever
    L. The Trap
    M. Last Stand
    N. Ice Queen
    O. The Detour
    P. The Link
    Q. The Line
    R. The Blight
    S. The Warren
    T. The Barracks
    U. The Choke
    V. Lethal Engagements
    W. Melee Brawl
    X. The Corruption
    -Thousands of maps made by community
    A. Escape only
  1. Playable Characters (I won’t include skins as this list will be to long)
  • COG
    A. Marcus ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    B. Cole ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    C. Baird ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    D. Clayton ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    E. Lizzie ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    F. COG Gear ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    G. Keegan( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    H.Mac ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    I. Lahni ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    J. Emile-a239 ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    K. Kat-b320 ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    L. Sarah Connor ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    M. Grace ( Versus, Horde, Escape)
    N. JD (Versus, Horde)
    O. Del (Versus, Horde)
    P. Kait (Versus, Horde)
    Q. Fahz (Versus, Horde)
    R. Jack (Horde)
    S. DeeBee (Versus)
    T. Anthony Carmine (Versus)
    U. Benjamin Carmine (Versus)
    V. Gary Carmine (Versus)
  • Locust/Swarm (only versus):
    A. Swarm Grenadier
    B. Swarm Drone
    C. Swarm Hunter
    D. Swarm Sniper
    E. Imago
    F. Warden
    G. Scion
    H. Speaker
    I. RAAM
    J. Terminators
    K. Kantus
    L. Locust Drones
    M. Jermad
    N. Theron Gaurds
    O. Queen Myrrah
  1. PvE Enemies
    A. Regular troops:
  • Imago
  • Swarm Drone
  • Swarm Drone Elite
  • Swarm Grenadier
  • Swarm Grenadiet Elite
  • Swarm Hunter
  • Swarm Hunter Elite
  • Swarm Sniper
  • Swarm Sniper Elite
  • Juvie
  • Popper
  • Leech
  • Buzzkill Scion
  • Mulcher Scion
  • Boomshot Scion (non-existant in escape)
  • Dropshot Scion
  • Freezer Scion
  • Salvo Scion (non-existant in Horde)
  • Pouncer
  • Sire
  • Reject
  • Shepard/ Arbiter Deebee
  • Dr-1
  • Deadeye deebee
  • DR-1 Destroyer
  • DR-1 with Trishot
  • Shock Tracker
  • Explosive Tracker
  • Guardian
  • Bastion

B. Mini bosses:

  • Warden
  • Trishot stump
  • Salvo Stump (Campaign only)
  • Sentinels

C. Bosses:

  • Carrier
  • Matriarh
  • Flock
  • Swarmak
  • Snatcher
  • Kestrel

I could miss something, if I do, just let me know.
I wont update this thread after Op 4. This list is mostly valid to 14th of July.

I didn’t included weapons.


Look I’m fine with the content for Gears 5, but aside from maps, what here is actually new from previous games? Not a whole lot.

I dont really care and I like where the game is at content wise (could use more character skins in the tour though), but it barely brings anything new content wise aside from character skins and weapon skins. Even the map variety isn’t very new as about half the maps are remakes themselves

Escape maps are cool and the mutators/enemies make them very different, but the maps themselves can only be so different because they all have to come from the same set of 3 tiles

Also while I’m all for the map creator, does anyone actually consistently play player created maps? They are cool in theory, but cant give any rewards beyond supply drops (which idek if they count that either) for obvious reasons

Basically nothing here aside from the Campaign (for obvious reasons lol) and Escape stand out as Gears 5 and if you really look at it I’m not very impressed with all this “content” listed for escape

As I have said though I’m fine with the amount of content we have for Gears 5, it’s a decent amount but it’s nothing special. It’s just in the middle,

I haven’t stated that I’m fine with content as we have now. It’s overall list of what we have now. Game has a big ammount of content, but quality of it and way we obtain it is little dissapointing. Also if it comes to maps I agree, it could be better if we have more maps for vs and horde. I’m mainly PvE player (and what is funny, I was mainly pvp player in previous Gears games) and I wait for horde/versus map editor.

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When people say this, I think they mean that there isn’t much interesting content that’s worth bothering or mentioning. When really, they should open their mind a little.

Explain how?

See OP.

Not helpful or informative. People won’t care for content they don’t have interest in. Whatever.

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I agree with you, but mostly those people care about one mode specifically.

As @AmicableWall421 said, people wont care about content they doesn’t want have. Even if game lacks of one particular thing like map or specific character game will always lack of content in their eyes.

Thank you for your topic, considering porting previous game(s) contents/maps could be debatable under none existent at all,

In my opinion, a good percentage of the list up there has been included to fill the gab of nothing to deliver for a long period of time, thus forcing the end user under the dilema of previous contents or no contents at all, which I consider a bad practice for a player who paid a fully leveraged AAA game price to discover “incomplete content”.

In Software Development, a task is done once it’s bugs-free, and the same should be treated for the contents that was provided initially in the early post-launch, such first impression lasts for long so nothing could rewind that now.