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Gears 5 Content (Characters/Skins)

(EbolaKitty666) #1

I’m %100 sure that this topic has been brought up multiple times, but content from 4 NEEDS to transfer over to 5, or we need compensation. If content doesn’t transfer (And if you’re not able to earn them from challenges) They are going to repack and re sell skins. If this happens we need to speak up, that is not okay.

No I’m not saying this should be their main focus, I want NEW content over the old content from 4. It could take them a year, months, weeks, as long as they don’t resell packs/characters from 4 that’s fine imo, but I guarantee if stuff doesn’t transfer, it will be resold.

(mendigo2005) #2

(ll R E D l) #3

Do you really think that TC is gonna carry over content? I doubt it. No game does look at all sports games especially games like Fifa and Madden,

(xFribbo) #4

No, they have never transferred characters over before and have mentioned there are no plans to do it.

(EbolaKitty666) #5

Which is why im saying if they resell ■■■■ we need to make a statement.

(xFribbo) #6

How do you know they’re going to do this again? The game has been out for over 2 years now and TC have received plenty of feedback across that time period to make improvements to suit everyone’s needs for Gears 5. And also there will be nothing to work towards in the next game if you’re just given everything straight away.

(EbolaKitty666) #7

As I said, it shouldn’t be their main focus, I don’t care when or if, as long as they’re not sold for money. I’m sure we can all agree we don’t want to re-buy things we’ve already bought.

(xFribbo) #8

I’m annoyed as much as the next person about how content is obtained, but we’ve got to trust TC. They know about challenges and progressions being favoured by players to unlock characters. And the head dev for multiplayer design recently said in a dev stream that he and the team regret not including progression from the start.

They are very aware of what players want so I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

(EbolaKitty666) #9

True. I hope them releasing the community challenges for characters means something for 5. I’d love grinding achievements/challenges for characters again.

(xFribbo) #10

Gears 3 was perfect, I’ve had an idea that we could unlock the base game character via progression and open packs to get the other variants, but the packs become available as soon as you unlock the character.

I doubt they will exclude the pack system, but hopefully they will focus on progression more and make it similar to Gears 3.

(TheDeuterostome) #11

I just want to keep my esports stuff!

(SchizoPsycho74) #12

Doing you really think TC is going to compensate you? That makes absolutely no sense. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


See, that’s one reason I would like for them to reset and not bring anything forward into Gears 5. I’m tired of seeing Black Steel characters. EVERYONE (exaggerating) uses Black Steel.

(xFribbo) #14

They will most definitely do something similar in 5 for the eSports scene, maybe a white steel this time to match part of the winter theme in Gears 5? :laughing:

(EbolaKitty666) #15

I want this too. ANYTHING but them re-selling packs. that’s where I’m getting at