Gears 5 constructive thoughts

First, I am a huge gears fan. I have played gears sense 06 and has been my fav game/games sense. So it suvks for me to not really like an installment however…let me start off with some love. I love the story. I love where it seems the story is going. I love the vision of trying to bbn introduce some color into gears (IE …the story mode) n ok…not everything is dark and gloomy. HOWEVER. The versus seems slow and heavy. The character doesn’t seem so quick coming into and out of cover/wall bouncing. Maybe they nerfed it for a reason…regardless I dont like that. Ever since gears 3…the movement system has always been fast…that’s what I’m used to. This game is what. 4 months in…and still has launch issues. Crash issues, the lancer is OP, the gnasher has always been somewhat inconsistent in every game so I dont really have anything new to say about that. The reward system is not good because it forces you to play pretty much everyday and or buy stuff and even if you do purchase things…what’s available isnt even worth it. I almost feel TC has somewhat forgot what makes gears,gears. I feel they are trying to cater to new ppl and that’s fine however do it in a separate playlist. Let the rest of us vets play gears howvits meant to be. Gears has a very big learning curve so I would understand making a separate playlist for new players where it eases them into wall bounce etc. Hell…during the “bootcamp” section…have a vs bootcamp where you actually teach ppl how to do the moves(bouncing,cancelling,popshot,upA, etc)…that’s just what gears is now and has been. But forcing the entire gears demographic to abide by almost new but slow heavy clunky mechanics is not ok. I bbn understand you cant make everyone happy. And everyone is a critique, but TC…I feel the ball was dropped here. Maybe your forcing micro transactions because of this game pass thing…I’m not sure but either way… what happened to…"if you want this skin or this character … grind for it. You need x amount of headshots for this one and x amount of execution for this one etc etc. That way it’s fair across the board. You earn it by playing. Not paying to play. And sure I understand that all we are talking about is cosmetics…its not vital to gameplay. But EVERYONE wants cool stuff…let’s grow up for a second and be real. So make the opportunity the same for all. Is it greed, or over compensation due to financial issues…idk. but with all that said…I played the story. Love it…played vs…and it’s just not for me due to the boiled down fact that itbjust doesn’t “feel right” movement is slow, crashes are too much, I’m not paying for everything plus the game too. If you consider everything I bbn pay for JUST to play a game. Internet, bought the pc/console ,bought the game/season pass/etc. I’m not paying for skins too when that should just be earned anyway by playtime iv uninstalled and went back to 4. However…if and when 6 times out. I will give it a shot…everyone deserves a chance at redemption

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