Gears 5 console mouse and keyboard support

(MondoMaddness) #1

So Gears 5 will now support mouse and keyboard. This is great as will definitely use this since I been using well on my PC.
How do you guys think the console community will welcome this ?
I know some people dont like playing players that use it and think they cheat so they turn cross play off.
Now you cant turn a console player that uses it off so looking forward to hearing the next level complaints lol
Cant wait for gears 5

Xbox K&M for Gears 5
(ll R E D l) #2

Source??? I know xbox has announced k/m but they said they will leave it to the developer. I havent seen anything for gears 5 yet

(MondoMaddness) #3

It’s in razers website that’s says it will support it

(PIanet Eater) #4

whoops! I just made a post about this myself.

ive played gears on console and pc. sometimes its nice to change it up and play M&K

(III EnVii III) #5

To each their own.

I will always be Controller whether PC or Console, simply because I can’t play Gears with a Keyboard for the life of me.

Mouse however is so much better for the rifles and precision weapons.

(Ektope) #6

Interesting. I would try it out.

(PIanet Eater) #7

this will be interesting!
can you use K&M on gears 4 with the update?

I loved playing gears 4 on pc other than having to use an old driver and the size of the game taking up half my computer. this could be cool