Gears 5 compiled feedback list

I looked at other people and compiled it into one list of recommendations. If i missed something or don’t understand how that thing works correct me

Multiplayer Feedback:
Gnasher needs to be more consistent (99% damage while opponent one shots you)
Vote Kick or an AFK Timer
MVPs and Wins should give more rank points
Bonus rank point if teammates leave
Rev-9’s model needs to be more visible and louder.
The option to pick what game modes you would prefer to join in quickplay
Weekly Games modes should stay just like Past Hives in Escape
Old Maps from 1-4 need to return to the versus playlist

Escape Feedback: I don't have much Escape feedback because there isn't much to the gamemode
Playing custom maps should be reward like exp based off of enemy death
Enemies should scale with the amount of players in a match on higher difficulties like master
Horde Feedback:
Horde game modes like Tracker-ball Juvie Madness should return 
Mountable turrets, Silverbacks, Locust and Lambent should return to horde to spice it up 
Acquiring Power Taps and collecting from them need to be faster in between waves 
Jacks’ zapper should be able to reach kestrel he should be able to collect power from power taps
Perks should be buffed because they are not as good as fabricator items
AI should pick up power in between waves and it should be distributed between players in case someone needs perks

Store Changes:
Every level up you get 10 iron allowing you to earn iron but still incentivising buying iron or make things that cost iron also cost scrap 1=10 iron
Don’t vault items away if you want to keep limited time deals on the store week on start them as discounted then after one week remove the discount

Other Feedback
Swap to classes like in gears 4 for horde arcade and escape (it’s easier for devs and players get to look like how they want)
Duplicate Cards should be sellable for scrap
Banners and marks should cost less
More customization in custom modes
Tour of duty should be all skins only because bloodsprays banners and marks are very minor.
Swapping to the classic omen when shot should be in the options menu

Game Mode suggestions
Hammer of Dawn FFA
One shot One kill
Capture the leader
Snipers only
Master at arms
Beast Mode/Overrun with  Lambent and Locust beast 
Characters and skins obviously they will be added over time but new characters
Should be added ASAP because there isn’t much to work towards getting