GEARS 5 compaign

Hi all,i d like to say that the only thing you can do much better,because the multiplayer ,also with some little problems,is fantastic,is the compaign.maybe can be very intersting to push some ideas of the past like an arcade mode like on gear 3,pushing people on a battle-score mode,with the possibility to play and replay this arcade mode,with personal character,and skin,won by the succes or on the pack,will be nice and interesting for all… EXpl:can be nice to play marcus old style ,delta style or victry day style,also a locust will be delirious and nice
wit h some skin that you choice yourself,will be cool,…this is just for arcade compaign,

The Coalition should focus most of their attention on the campaign, the multiplayer is pretty much perfect in Gears 4 outside stuff that requires relatively small fixes (tuning and lootboxes). An excellent campaign will bring in a lot of new fans and grow the fanbase.


the compaign ,have to be more intense,how…?i am not sure that made a compaign like the 4 ,waves after waves with simple enemys,without enough description of character…i think less fight guns,but much more hard and intensive,real fight,because the waves system we have horde mode for this,and the numbers of enemys made just the wave more intense but not the game, and a little boss at the end of every chapiter,more sequences to describe everything,character,to do dramatic scene like on 2,and 3,diversify the chapiters,with some dark frighten,some zone you must run,jump,and why not wallbounce…but most important the history,and character description,script,to take time for this…that is the raison of an epic ,legendary GEARS OF WAR.

Did people like the Gears 4 campaign? I Didn’t think it was bad but it was by no means good and probably the worse out of the gears franchise. Perhaps this is just me being upset for the lack of locust that were introduced this time around…Less DBs/DR-1 and more scary monsters please!

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