Gears 5 Combat Chatter

Ah, thanks. Not really the type of thing I’m interested in but good to know it exists(I’d mostly be interested in what Laura Bailey does, since she voices Kait… but I’m not really holding my hopes up for her dialogue in gameplay being much better than in 4, due to how I saw Octus respond to complaints about Kait’s 4 dialogue not really fitting her particularly well… basically saying because they viewed her in a certain way, the lines were appropriate, something about her being “fiery” even though it isn’t really true and I haven’t seen anyone qualify her as “fiery” yet… not to mention it doesn’t actually mean a person must shout and swear for nearly everything said - the whole thing seemed a lot more like being defensive and not willing to admit they were wrong on judging their own creation… but who am I, as a mere mortal, daring to defy the judgement of the Supreme Leader?).

Are you the person from the last forum who loved Kait above everything :slight_smile: fair play if you are but Sam is boss :slight_smile:

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Nah. But I do know them. Well, not on Xbox but I remember the person. And I recall the statements Octus made regarding the matter. Surely I’m not the only person to like Kait a lot? Well, so long as she remains on the human side. I’d hate it if they made her turn, for various reasons.

IMDB just probably doesn’t have all the info yet, it only shows 5 voice actors, I’m sure there are more. Plus, with Gears 4, on top of adding older lines, they had the voice actors come back a few times after release, adding more lines.

Gibbing with no cussing? Sounds like a good idea, run for president please.

Some of my favorite kill lines done even have cussing in them. “Lobotomized” “just plain talented” “so good I should charge admission” we don’t need more cussing to make the chatter better.


Thumbs up just for the pic.

I say less is more.
Outside of the story mode those chatty Cathys need to cut their vocals back to about an eighth of what it currently is. Loquacious Gears give up your position every time.

Same thing on the Locust side when you’re playing ring around the rosy behind columns sneaking up on someone then CLINK CLANK CLOMP CLOMP. TEAM MATE BAIRDBOT IS HERE TO ASSIST YOU and then BLAM you both get blasted.

Also, seeing that new mode in Gears 5 annoyed me to no end. The characters never seem to shut up.

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I understand it’s a mature game, but cussing doesn’t add any value to the effect… Other words can be just as effective/powerful (and even creative) than just a basic cuss word.