Gears 5 Combat Chatter


Congratulations on your reveal of Gears 5 Versus. It looks INSANE, even though the gore is the same.

I post today because I wanted to share that the essence of all great things is balance.

And in Ge4rs, the balance in combat chatter was noticeably non existent. Whereas the COG had detailed callouts for kills, active reloads, downs, pickups, headshot- exclusive & even dropshot-exclusive lines, the swarm just gave the same unintelligible grunts and obnoxious laughs. May we please have this balanced in Gear5?

Above all, the COG love to use the bad words…

I know its a mature topic, so I expect the analysis to be thorough and equally mature. Bernie, Anya, and Griffin amongst the most foul mouthed of the human folk. The swarm are actually quite friendly for having learned the English language. They sound like they graduated from a C-level English course in combat callouts, but no trash talk…Hmm. Why is that?

Just a fun conversation.

P.S. can’t wait to meet y’all at the GEAR5 invitational Next weekend.


I agree swarm needs more chatter but I don’t want them cussing. I loved them saying things like “useless” or “weaklings” I liked how gears one had a distinct difference in the way they talked

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too much for u huh…its about balance. u can turn the language off

lmao at that pic hahaha


It’s more like TC do because they stuck those “bad word” lines on every character. Including those where it doesn’t fit. And making up poor and false excuses(Kait is fiery[this was a statement made by Octus found on the old forums which are gone by now, so you likely won’t find it] because she decided to follow her emotions and dropped a bad word three whole times in the entire Gears 4 Campaign? I don’t think that that’s what that means and it’s not a justification for making her swear like she wouldn’t, and in an extremely cringy way at that… don’t get me wrong here, some swearing on her is fine but this ridiculously excessive and overly expressive F bomb dropping just isn’t right on her character, and the same goes for the pointless “trash talk”).

I respectfully disagree here. Anya never even drops a single swear word in any of the Gears games and hardly ever does in the comics. Yet somehow when she became playable in 3 she didn’t stop swearing. Griffin might be that type of person but I don’t see it on Anya, in any form or way, and if anyone has been through some things she has being the one who seemed responsible for coordinating the COG war effort against the Locust, in part at least… and I doubt many of the things she heard were people finding love in rose filled plains, if you understand what I mean with this. Yet she never seemed to lose her calm nature.

So what’s to do here, just make everyone drop F words and pointless rubbish talk all over the place or actually give them lines fitting to their personality? Or what the character has gone through?

And no, I don’t actually have an issue with swearing. But if it is there it needs to be done right instead of everyone just screaming their lungs out all the time and dropping words they would rarely, if ever, use, all the time(only applies to certain characters who wouldn’t do that). I find “trash talk” to rarely ever be interesting and rather just cringy. Especially with how it’s done in Gears 4. I hope 5 does improve on those aspects, but I’m not being very optimistic in that regard.

Though improving Swarm dialogue is a good thing… why do they need to swear all over the place? It’s already annoying enough that the COG/human characters all do it regardless of who they are(it’s annoying me enough that I have just outright turned character dialogue in Gears 4 off completely).

And I don’t even know what you mean with this “balance” talk. So Swarm also need generic, obnoxious and cringy swearing and rubbish talk one liners/dialogue because the humans do? Yeah, uh, no… that’s not really how it works.

FYI: The Gears 3 beta had Anya screaming and swearing all the time. Epic then toned it down drastically for release (sadly)

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I quite honestly don’t understand why cussing matters. I don’t care one way or another, but it why does it matter that the swarm don’t curse?

Oh, I misworded that. I meant to say in any cutscenes. I don’t really get this deal around swearing. Why does every character have to do it alongside rubbish talk? Sure, the majority of people playing Gears like it but having one or two characters who don’t constantly go over the top surely isn’t going to make much of a difference with the abundance of Gears characters?

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Agreed. They’re more like The Wild Hunt than Bandits. Degrading their does with a sense of royalty or legionhood. Not “F this, F that” like Griffin or Anya.

I just want them to have interesting lines that fit their personalities. Myrrah is wonderful to listen to, Carmine is funny, Sam is… you know, Australian. Apart from them, I think Marcus and Baird are the only other two I like listening to. A lot of the MP dialogue in Gears 4 kind of falls flat for me.


I completely agree on the balance of the helpful callouts. You shouldn’t have an advantage while on COG that is nonexistent when on the Swarm team. Whether they curse or not isn’t a big deal, as long as they get equal amounts of chatter that is comparable to the COG side.

The Swarm in general don’t have enough personality, that was one of my major issues with them, other than them all looking like dull, half-naked, loincloth wearing, copy-paste clones of each other with minor changes.

Consistency was a big issue in Gears 4, from the game launching with Deebees having footsteps that could be heard around the world, to the ridiculousness of 2 weapon tunings just throwing people off whenever they switched modes.

Hopefully, keeping things more evenly consistent is one of the things TC has paid attention to us saying over and over again on the forums throughout Gears 4’s lifespan.

I disagree with having the Swarm swearing during combat. If you for example take the Therons, (I know, Locust. But still) they just sound otherworldly and creepy without swearing. It distinguishes the Swarm from humans. But they could use some more sadistic lines.



I miss the uniqueness of lines characters had. It’s the reason I’m a big Dizzy fan. Back in Gears 2, I flocked to him because of that, he had me cracking up in Horde/MP.

Re chatter.
I just want more of everything really as this adds to the atmosphere massively . Definitely more unique lines though.

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Gentlemen, I will not be happy until the COG and Swarm need me to play this little ditty…


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I thought the humans already refused to stop talking and throw all sorts of lines(mostly seem to consist of non-unique and rather bland swearing and whatnot, however, unfortunately for some of the characters) around the place? I sure get that impression…

And I don’t think they all need to be that bad. I know I can turn dialogue off but Gears doesn’t quite feel the same without it… but constant non stop chatter gets on my nerve quite a bit after a while. Especislly when it’s pointless things being said all the time and they are lacking personality.

Edit : That’s not to way certain characters aren’t a chatterbox willing to throw some words around here and there(Sam and Baird come to mind, perhaps Griffin as well, albeit I profoundly dislike the latter for various reasons). But I don’t see this type of personality being on Kait, who seems like she’s not really a big talker, and I would expect to be more of a mix or between Sam and Anya(as some sarcasm or irony wouldn’t really be wrong on her character if you ask me, given what she’s been through… and would certainly be better than just mindlessly throwing some pointless rubbish talk, swearing and “feel good” active lines not really fitting her well on there and saying it’s a job well done when it’s not… Kait feels like she’d fit right in the middle of the bunch with no really excessive swearing/shouting and/or [pointless] rubbish talk, between Anya and Sam, rather than the mess of dialogue lines she has in 4 most of which are outright terrible, and cringy).

Had a look via IMDB earlier to see if Sam (well Claudia Black if you insist then :wink: ) was recording any new lines…alas no :frowning:

What’s IMDB, if you don’t mind explaining?

And I’ve added some additional info on the previous post.

Internet movie database. :slight_smile:
It tells you what actors are up to.

It either means they’re recycling her old lines and doesn’t say anything new in Campaign either.