Gears 5 Collectors Statue

Hi Guys.

I always get the big collectors editions of gears with the statues and I was wondering what they could do for the new one. Im thinking it will involve Kait and the new sail barge thing. What would you guys like to see? Also do you by the collectors edtions?

It’ll be for sure Kait but with what…I don’t know and NO I do not waste money on the collectors editions that involve statues

I want a Giant Swarm Head.

And a complete Gnasher Replica.

They made a Lancer and Retro yes? A Gnasher would be cool…surprised they didn’t come out with one yet

Yeah, and the first 1,000 purchases per region should come with a Snub too.

I’d rather a Boltok

I’d rather a Gorgon.


I’d rather a Glass Made Ink Grenade With Green Black Swirly Smoke Inside :+1:


i like the big collectibles. i didn’t like the last one though with JD on the bike. i think it would be cool if they did something with the swarm in it. even if it s not tied into the game release, but down the line

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I would also want a life size replica of Renya being turned like the end of the game.

Scare everybody and anybody coming to my house :joy:

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I have every collectors version of Gears since launch and since we already have statues of Marcus and JD, I’d like to see one from the swarm side. Maybe a Scion or something of that kind.

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I would honestly like a statue of that new Swarm Sith Lord…he looks neat.

Say what now?

Bought the EPIC edition of Gears 3 with the Marcus statue. Still have it, still regret it.

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Hahahaha…try selling it?

Complacency has prevented me from doing so. When I get really sick of having it on my desk at work, I’ll see about putting on Ebay or something.

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You should get decent return on it :+1: