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Gears 5: collectors edition ideas

(Wratheux) #1

Thinking about gears of war collectors editions, I think it would be cool to pick the communities brain about it.


  • I do not want statues, they’re big, and limited to display only. perhaps take a nod from bethesda.


  • Gears of war game
  • gears of war steel book
  • Wearable Cog Soldier helmet
    ----Light up eye lenses
    ----Blue cog lighting on sides
  • Display mount for helmet
  • Gears of war 5 OST
  • art book


You would be spending at least $200 for that set you think?

(GreatWhiteShark) #3

As an avid Gears collector fan, I have made it my mission to obtain every limited/collector Gears game and I intend on picking the same up for the 3 new games. Hopefully they will have some kind of collector’s edition where they would pack all 3 games into a single purchase, along with some cool swag with no cheap gimmicks.

(Wratheux) #4

200 ya. I’d do it though, its not a “statue” but is still primarily a display item, but with it being wearable gives it atleast another use

(ThePublicNME) #5

I’d like a Statue, or an exclusive funko pop.

(Brash Smurf) #6

with teaming up with funko I expect we get a pop figure

(III EnVii III) #7

I never understand why anyone cares for any of this stuff.

Like, play the game and enjoy it :+1:

(Brash Smurf) #8

I always buy digital so I never get anything

(K0oLAiiD) #9

I’ve loved gears from the beginning and don’t own a single item outside the game. Its presence in my life is enough :heart::heart::heart: LOL

(gigidyimonaboat) #10

I’m running out of room to put stuff lol… This next game is going to be a challenge,

(Black Reign MCW) #11

I have a shelf in my collectibles room with Gears stuff and a full size lancer. I don’t think I would give TC over $200 though. I will buy the base game since I enjoy the story and like Kait. Season pass will need to show me something decent since this one burned me pretty bad (JD’s arm bad).

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #12

I always get digital games so i would expect this:
2 skins exlusive to gow 5
2 characters that hopefully never release to anyone else
1 special badge

(Shay3SaintJohn) #13

Hoping its better than the JD motorcycle statue. Wasn’t a bad figure but we only used the motorcycle what for 2 or 3 missions?

Gears 3 epic edition will always be my favourite collectors edition

(III EnVii III) #14

Digital Exclusives I don’t mind.

I will be getting the “Ultimate Edition” or whatever it will be called anyway …

(GhostofDelta2) #15

I would prefer more ingame stuff than outside stuff, unless its something like an art book.

(Sgt Snoke Em) #16

How about a guarantee that if its released on PC that it works?

Told ya TC… I can be VERY ANNOYING! Just ask Streum On Studios… :wink:

(Sgt Snoke Em) #17

actually an art book would be cool.

(MrocznyMesjasz) #18

I would like the Collector’s Edition of Gears 5 to be also released in the physical version for the PC and it was in itself

  • Gears 5 game with DVD’s (for a PC with all the content of the game, not a few discs or even one and the rest of the game download the player, not everyone has fast internet)
  • Gears 5 Steel book
  • Gears 5 Art Book
  • Kait figure
  • Some digital skins for Multiplayer

(sancris777) #19

It’ll probably come with a statue of Kait

(SEVEN UP 94) #20

• Gears 5 DVD
• Gears 5 Steelbook
• Gears 5 Season Pass
• Gears 5 exclusiv Skin veteran + Characters veteran
• Gears 5 artbook
• Gears 5 figure
• Gears 5 goodies

all in a big box :grin: