Gears 5 class needs a change

The class xp needs to be sorted out, it needs to take less to level up, it just takes to long lo level up, for example I’m level 19 pilot and I just did 34 waves of master and I’ve only leveled a tiny little bit, its ridiculous, there are some people who can’t spend hours and hours on the game just to level one class, people have other things to do


Part of that design is to try and encourage players to purchase boost.

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its dumb af

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Yeah the leveling of classes takes forever. Sometimes the dailies give a good amount of xp and all you have to do is complete them on incon. Not even master.

Boost affects character XP too? I thought it was only player XP?

It does, you get little xp for classes without boost

At least the xp u receive counts for something, im max reup and all classes are lvl 20. The only xp i get is the ally xp which is… Oh wait🤦‍♂️

Artificial grind is the worst thing it sucks all the fun.

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Boost can kiss my exhaust pipe. Coming up on completing 6 operations without it. Waited til free boost expired to play again, every time.

Damn mobile game nonsense in a 60 dollar game.

I have integrity.

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“People have other things to do”

Then do something else? Level 19-20 is a slog yes but it doesn’t give you any power boosts, it is just for completionism and some ugly ■■■ skins. Levels stop mattering for classes when you get your last card (or more accurately, the last card you will use in your build). The earlier levels that actually matter fly by if you are doing even moderate difficulties.

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