Gears 5. Chrome Steel Theron Guard Revealed by SAS!



I Think I am in love >:smiley:

With that classic helmet from Gears 1 too? OMG… AMAZING

Looks pretty Plain Jane to me. When they made “chrome” skins, I am pretty sure we all expected a legit full chromed out character for the most part. Not 20% chrome and the rest another color


I’m delighted sorry to burst your bubble but this revelation has already passed. Hours ago.


I really wish people would stop acting like that guy is special. Feels like the scientology cult every time something is out.

Omg shadowz posted more crappy screenshots of something we can see on the official twitter/weekly blog with our own eyes. Better share it.

Clickbait artist.
I can already see the title

Gears 5 new character chrome steel theron character gears 5 multiplayer chrome steel Theron multiplayer gameplay

Followed by this lovely opening statement
“Today I’ll be showing you the new gears 5 multiplayer character blah blah blah”

Always the same crap.

We get it Shadowz, you know about SEO now shut up.


Hey there guys! Today I’ll be showing you the Chrome Steel Theron Gears 5 Gameplay Brand new Esports skin Gears 5 Chrome steel Theron Gameplay.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This right here.

How is he popular. He repeats the same 3 words in EVERY video he does. His video description is exactly what he say in the videos WORD for WORD.

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Haha, you nailed it. :joy:

He literally makes videos for the slightest bit of news and puts in an unhealthy amount of enthusiasm to each video.


Change his youtube name from SASxShadowz to SEOxShadowz

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did this man say


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