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Gears 5 Chrome steel precision weapon skins. Where are they?

Anybody know where the last set of Chrome steel weapons are? I haven’t seen them get introduced in the store yet.

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March 6th is the next Esports event, you can be sure a lot of esports content will be up for sale.

They were never released and I still don’t think they will. It’s like they were never created or they had some problems. It would have been released already but none.

The only ones I’m missing

I think everyone is missing it. :wink:

bro, no offense, but as a forum Moderator you don’t seem to know much lol. They never did release it, but they will… they have too (It is just a matter of time)… how can you have almost every weapon in Chrome Steel except for 4… that doesn’t make any sense. You said something weird about the cyclops too… I don’t think you know how to… Whats the right word… be edifying :confused:

It’s called having opinion.

Having an opinion.

Sorry bro, it just scratched the inside of my skull seeing that.


there is such a thing as ■■■■■■ opinion :confused: