Gears 5: Chrome Steel Palace Guard up NEXT! Here is my thoughts on it :)

Good. Whether you like Chrome Steel or not, it is an Esport’s skin, and it does capture my desire to look really fancy, clean, and metallic. That is kind of my thing lol.

I’m really glad that we got an Esport’s skin for the Palace Guard AGAIN because characters like this I consider to be “S Tier”. What I mean by this is of course the fact that I feel a character that pulls this kind of stuff really well, should always get a Esport’s skin for it,

With that being said… I really hope, probably like many of you, that the OG Armored Kantus, along with some notable C.O.G Characters, Also get Esport’s skins again. For me personally, it is whenever the OG Armored Kantus gets released, hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for him, and when he does get released, I really hope they release a Chrome Steel Shadow the hedgehog? You know what I mean? >:slight_smile:

I think the only chrome steel I was actually willing to buy was Ben. Other than that though these skins are kinda lame. Not chrome barely steel.

Hell we get more of these than we do actual decent skins.

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Well, that is unfortunate that you feel that way :frowning: I wish people saw what I saw, but to each his own I Suppose. I would rather have Chrome steel than nothing at all. I like the mix between White and black and a little grey.

I believe people bash it a little more than it actually deserves. I think what I’m starting to notice is that people on Gears of war, at least on the forums can be a little too extreme when bashing things, but I like Chrome Steel. I do think it should be a bit more rich and vibrant, sometimes it can be a little dull, but it isn’t that bad.

Chrome Steel would make the OG Armored Kantus amazing.

See I think the chrome steels all alright. Just some simple true chrome triangles sprinkled throughout the design that sparkled during gameplay would have been a more reasonable design to me personally but we got what we got so where do we go? My issue is the fact that these skins dont pop during gameplay, hold them up against any gilded character or even winter character and they just kinda bland out if you get what I’m saying. The chrome steel esports skins (being $10 a piece) should be the flashiest best skins in the game but at this point they havent been able to do that for me, not like the black steels did, and it would be one thing if these chrome steels were their first attempt at this separate skin line but when you have a whole previous title that set the bar at a certain level we just have to be real with ourselves when it falls short. Unfortunately to most the chrome series has fallen very short of its counterpart giving most (not all) a lack of incetive in the want to collect these skins. Me personally I have most of the chrome steels (minus kantus, murrah, and lahni I think) but even with all the design complaints they still havent taken hints to how to improve these characters and that’s why for one of the first times in my completionist mind I dont need all these skins, and that’s not a good mindset to have about some of the games “best competitive skins”. But maybe just because most of the money goes to esports not TC themselves they just dont care, who knows?

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Yeh he adds a skin but he still has his head fixed and doesn’t move it it’s ridiculous

Those of Gears 4 are so much above.
Just for the iron mesh on the outfits :o

Palace Guard way too chonky.