GEARS 5 cheating AI ... cheap devs at the coalition

So far… i believe the reason why the coalition and all others in the industry are still using OVER CHEATED AIs is because nobody talks about it… i have spent the last hour reading posts about players having trouble with others using AIMBOTS and what not… but the AIMBOT, WALLHACK and OVERALL BS tricks they use against players in PVE is beyond ridiculous… its pure cheating and nobody should ever have to experience such BS…
players can be banned for cheating and so should game devs who dont respect players…
u will say that its not impossible to master escapes or hordes but the point is … it is a cheating AI… it doesnt even hide it… i could list all of the BS i witnessed… i wont… because u know what u programmed and u know what im talking about… its easier to program a cheating AI than make a proper one…
ACTIVISION’s call of duty’s cheating ai is a joke compared to this one…
theres a high probability that im about to stop farming this non sense of a game
consider urself warned CHEATING AIs DEVS and the ones behind them… the uninstall button is ready to get pushed on.
when u realize the AI just moves to dodge ur crosshair… u should know ur being scammed

This post lol
It was a good laugh, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I cant tell if this is a genuine post or trolling but ill respond as if it is a genuine post.

The ai in gears 5 is mostly fair. I learned what every enemy does and how to fight them without weapons. Gears is like resident evil 4. Every enemy has movements and attacks that can be learned to dodge and capitalize on outmeneuvering the enemy.

The ai in gears 5 pve is some of the most fair in any game I’ve played. Learn the game instead of making up silly excuses.

What if I told you every Escape map has been Solo’d by every class in the game? Horde isn’t even difficult so I dont know why anyone would complain about it at all.

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The onslaught no speedrun act 2 with salvo spawn:

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Minus the part where a lot of them instantly kill pretty much anything through excessive amounts of damage without stacking resistances and/or health boosts to an excessive level(or have self healing like Gunner), use weapons that have no business being used at point blank range instead of melee(aka explosives), and practically all rapid fire weapon enemies completely ignore if you roll to try throwing off their aim.

There’s certainly improvements to be made in those three aspects in particular. But I’m not gonna argue if you tell me Halo 2s Legendary sniper Jackals are the worst.


Mostly. Lol the exclusions are anything with a Salvo pretty much. I can’t think of anything else that is bad tbh.

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insta-freeze palace guards

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If youre playing on Master what do you expect? Its the highest difficulty in the game. Youre supposed to take a sh*tload of damage.

Thats because they’re supposed to do that though. The palace guards are the best enemy in the game. Simply because they can absolutely destroy you. Lol

When I see one with anything but the torque bow they spawned with i am terrified. Nothing is more scary than just casually playing then a Palace Guard with a boomshot rolls up from around the corner lol

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oh i love it don’t worry just seeing them pick up them big guns and downing me or my friends is funny as heck and fun cause then it like all eyes on that target that has it including the rare chance where they steal a weapon off your weapons locker xD

Not to mention the ultra rare torque bow headshot on you or the ai

Had one steal a mace off a locker on Village but it was dealt with before it caused any real damage. Guards with maces are the scariest enemy in the game.

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ah yes they have a increase defense buff while they hold it too if it off the vs element then again the passive defense you get from the breaker applys to anymode

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Seeing the Guards with a mace makes me want some sort of Swarm Grenadier that uses a Mace. That would be awesome.

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Sure, and that doesn’t mean it makes the AI “good” when the highest difficulty is full of ■■■■■■■■ that a player cannot counter through skill very effectively, or things that simply don’t work(feared enemies deciding to go and kill you anyway). It certainly is not my definition of “good AI”.

Cheating AI in PVE? WHAT

Ok thats new and its hella funny


Right lol

If you need help mastering some escape and horde maps i can help out.

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I’m sorry, but I honestly cannot believe this is serious😂

Try Back 4 Blood. Amazingly fun game. Amazingly difficult game.