Gears 5 Characters

Gears 5 is coming but I really wanna know if there going to bring back packs for characters.
I had an idea for characters that doesn’t involve credits.
Weekly challenge characters would be an awesome add alongside daily challenges.
I’m hoping they go another route regarding earning characters and weapon skins 2019 couldn’t come sooner.

I agree I’ve said it quite a lot but we need something like Gears 3 again completing challenges and earning medals to unlock characters such as Classic Marcus via earning the Veteran medal, and as you would level up, you unlock all of the characters, also unlocking skins as you re-upped. I’d like to see this method of progression revamped and implemented again, to make grinding mean something instead of RNG deciding if you get a character in a Gear Pack or not.


Yeah I just think it’s better to tell players what they have to do to achieve something or unlock something rather than here is a pack that you may get it from.

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