GEARS 5 - Character Selection in Multiplayer

Hello TC,
you can add a function to Gears 5 in the multiplayer that allows the character selection in the multiplayer to be set to Random.
Because I can never decide which character to take…
The same would be cool for the weaponskins.

Thank you very much.

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If you can’t decide, wouldn’t it be easier to just cycle through them every match?

You know, start with the first one you own and simply go to the next the following match?

That way, you are using all of them an equal amount of time…


Yes, I know that, but a random setting would save me clicking that.

This. It’s not really an important feature. Really the OP could just close his eyes and hit RT a few times while hovering over the character. Simple…

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It’s one button while you wait in the lobby…

And with random, you could get the same character twice or more too …

They need to add it to the option/multiplayer menu when playing (especially for Social) Because you can change it in between matches when playing Ranked. But you have to go back to the main menu when playing Social to change characters…

TC probably didn’t add it because of the huge character roster. But it would be nice if they did!

Are you asking them to add this or giving them permission to add this? Can’t really decipher this from the first sentence you typed.

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Agreed. Would be convenient. Fortnite did it and it’s nice.

If they added a feature to do it between games someone else would chime in and ask for it between rounds.

Then that wouldn’t be enough for another player and they would ask for the characters to randomly switch DURING rounds.

…then somebody else would want to increase the change rate to where they are an amorphous blurry blob all the time.

OK, fine. Just throw in A Scanner Darkly’s scramble suits as a skin/character option.

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I’d like to see a system that prevents people from playing as the same character as each other. It’s frustrating thinking you’re fighting one person, expecting them to have a power weapon from earlier or to play a certain way, only to find it was the other Baird, for example. Likewise, I like enemies to know it’s me they’re fighting in a 1v1, so they’ll expect me to use my usual tactics against them and I can trick them.

Any random character system that followed that rule would be fine with me.

I wouldn’t want to be forced to play as a different character just because someone else picked the same.

It’s a perfectly good strategy to have all 5 people on same characters and even same weapon skins - does exactly what you said and confuses people.

That shouldn’t be a strategy. Seems like abusing the game functions. If it’s an option, I see why people do it - hate the game not the player, and all that - but it shouldn’t be a function. Just a cheap trick.

But, that’s just me. I dislike wall-bouncing, so what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not?

It’s a fair strategy available to all.

Have I ever seen it in practice?


But in theory it can work.

Nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

all ready did that…u think i didnt think of tha


What would be nice is if they would implement a system to change your character for the next match for Quickplay. The fact that it doesn’t exist and you have to back out of the match is asinine. Especially since they have a system that can change per live with Arcade.