GEARS 5 change in solo queue

Hey coalition, I appreciate all of your hard work. Great job on adopting and updating the gears franchise so far! I look forward to gears 5. Already have it pre ordered! I would just like to request that solo queue pairs up exclusively with solo players. It’s a little off balance when one team has only solo players while the other has paired teams of two or more. This seems to happen often in gears 4. Anyway, Keep up the good work guys!

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What happens when people search as a 4?

I think they should implement how overwatch does it. Get it to match the group numbers or at least come close to it. It makes more sense. I just finished a game with one other person and the opposing team was a full squad. You can already guess how that turned out. Very unreasonable honestly.

Doesn’t answer my question.

You can’t play a match if a 4 man can only find a 4 man.


This is a TEAM game - it’s always going to be better to team up and have your own stack, it’s very easy to do and a better experience.

I just saw your reply :joy::joy: but for the hell of it I’ll just say that OW is a team game and they at least try to pair the number of people in a group against that same number of people. Doesn’t work all the time but most of the time it does. Beats solo queueing against a 5 stack.

Overwatch probably has a far, far bigger playerbase than Gears.

That make getting games harder than it already is for you.:disappointed_relieved:

your probably right about that. Which is why they have crossplay.