Gears 5 Chainsaw is now RB


Once you bring up your chainsaw the left thumb stick is now 360 degrees of viewing angle instead of strafing

So what’s reload? B ?

Yup. Just gonna stick with my keyboard lol

Lol can make it interesting one torque bullet or 10 smokes. Take your pick.

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Smoke vs smoke. Beatdown fiesta

Lol. You mean tbagging extravaganza.


Hump fest

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Following this discussion between David and Drinkands is quite amusing now.

Pst… I’ve left an image in the Off Topic section that I find suitable for a desktop or Xbox background. Take a look if ya want! But post your thoughts in the topic I made for it please…

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Honestly this change doesn’t make much of a difference for players like me that play Claw we have been able to hit B without removing our thumb from the thumbstick this entire time lol

wouldn’t the better option be moving the RR/evade/cover button to the RB button instead? move reload entirely to the X button. nobody ever wanted to chainsaw with both thumbs on the sticks. we want to wall-bounce with both thumbs on the sticks.

unless many of the new weapons(lancer-g.launcher) have alternative fire modes then this is a silly change.

Im thinking that maybe you can switch between some attachments. Seems like there might be added movements/weapon options.

They also have the emotes. So where is that being mapped?

emotes are mapped to (Hold) R3. tap R3 is still zoom

(i think)

some old weapons might get an alt-fire mode too, I could see a Boomshot that doesn’t explode in impact, like the old Booshka. a Hammerburst that has two fire modes, burst and single shot.

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Yeah seems like they are trying to add more depth. Which i dont mind as long as its balanced.

Clicking RS right stick and up, down, left or right on D-pad.

I’m gonna find it way too awkward to hold RB and tapping or holding RT for shooting.

It already seems like Hammerburst will stay Burst Fire.

Oh stop it, you!


There is an in game control mapping in the options anyway, so if people dont like it on RB, they can remap it onto B or whatever.

I’ll give it a try and see how it feels.

I hardly chainsaw in gears 4 so this doesn’t really bug me personally but I can see why some people might dislike it. I think this actually might make me try to chainsaw more so I’m kind of excited to try it out

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There’s a skill curve for looking silly in the game now lol


ok, so here’s a thought…

Whenever you have a double feature assigned to a button, there is always a delay, when you press it, because the system has to wait to see if you will release it or hold it (think retro melee vs charge)…

So now there is a built in delay to the key which is used to get active re-loads… Let’s see how many are going to be jamming their guns during reload because of this change to the functionality of the reload button :slight_smile:

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