Gears 5 Chainsaw is now RB

I saw this:

As shown above, holding in the reload button will now rev up the chainsaw bayonet. By now most know I’m not fond of change, but I’d prefer it to remain to “melee”. I hope it’s an option.

This will apply to the Lancer’s grenade launcher attachment as well.

I don’t think it’s such a smart idea either, by doing that it now gives the Lancer not only it’s usual chainsaw, but the ability to melee in general. Not being able to melee was the punishment to counter-act having the chainsaw.

It’s now only fair that TC puts Imulsion Crystals on my beloved Hammerburst to bring it up to scratch and be able to duel the Lancer. (I’m not interested in the Claw…).

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I saw this a couple of days ago.

I never fair well with this change due to muscle memory, no doubt I’ll be pressing B for a long time after launch :sweat_smile:

Perhaps I’ll be able to adjust the buttons via Elite controller mapping or have it on a paddle or something.

Tying it to Reload is an odd move indeed.

I see why, they want you to be able to manoeuvre better when it’s being used.


I could already turn easily while holding B.

I don’t know why we might want to use knife slashing rather than chainsawing. Chainsawing is already more deadlier than using knife… unless you get something like, knife kill a certain amount of enemies.

Anyone who plays claw would be able to use their thumb on RS right stick and index finger on B button. But look like it’s catering to people who don’t play claw.

Sometimes, people would mess around with chainsaw revving by simply pressing B. It does a short 1 second rev, but now can’t do it anymore. Because instead, if you press RB to do short rev, it will just active reload.

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I don’t see the problem with it now. If you have your back to someone you can still chainsaw them .

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I agree. I’m too much into old habits that I couldn’t even change to Tournament controls for easier wallbouncing, choosing to stick to the default and use claw :joy:.

I understand the reason they’re trying to make it easier, it’s just never been a problem to start with.

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As long as they allow us to map it to a different button on the controller. I’d prefer keeping it on B. And RB for reloads.

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Man the tech test can’t come soon enough so we can try all this stuff out.

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Are people using the chainsaw that much? (yea Alice, I know :wink:)
I don’t see this as being a big problem. Being able to melee when you have a lancer out is a major positive. I HATE going to melee and doing the stupid short rev and getting killed for it.

I’ve hardly used it in 4 so glad of the Nade alternative.

I don’t think Gears 4 has a Lancer melee(except for Scions or DR-1s which you can’t chainsaw). I heard Judgement did though. So why can’t it be made that we would only melee with the Lancer if we just tapped B instead of holding it? Is it that complicated? I could adjust to this change but I’d still prefer keeping the chainsaw on B.

And I’ll wreck my RB very quickly if I ever got into a chainsaw duel and that’s what I’d have to push to try to not lose it.

You may be able to still do a short rev by simply releasing RB at the right time but the time between each short rev is increased due to having to hold the button down.

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It’ll probably still be B button. Tapping RB isn’t user-friendly.

Eh. This isn’t near the worst thing that TC has done, but I think it was unnecessary


Speaking of Chainsaw kills, I now have over 11’000 of them on Gears 4 :wink: with over 90% being performed in ranking lobbies i.e. Not against bot!


this is a stupid change that no one asked for, i hope they allow classic gears controls to be mapped


Need 2v2 lancers only!


I remember not to long ago I was meleed by a bot in versus that had its Lancer out and it blew my mind because I had thought that was impossible

Scrap that. Just make the turret available in Boxes🤣

One person gets a smoke and the other person gets a torque bow.

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Best man wins