Gears 5 causing my internet to drop?

So sometimes gears will randomly drop my internet on my computer and send it into a loop of connectiong my ethernet cable and disconnecting it even when I close gears 5 and the xbox app it will be stuck in a loop and my internet will not work until I restart my pc???


I looked in a search engine and came across this forum post, I too have the same issue.

Usually when a lobby is launching, when a wave completes in horde (particularly bosses), or when a game ends (in any mode) my network starts to mess up, and the only way to fix it is to restart the computer as you say.

Trying to enable/disable the networking adapter does nothing, sometimes the connection will pick up again, but it won’t be stable at all. This is completely ruining my experience with this game, and it is only this game where it happens.


Exact same issue here. I’ve never played a game that made my entire internet shut down on my computer before, and it’s just my PC that is affected.

Whenever I try to play Gears 5 and connect with friends online to start a campaign or join versus, I’ll disconnect suddenly and when I exit the game, my computer is telling me I have no internet, and recommends I plug in an ethernet cable…which is already connected… And my brother is on his computer with full access to internet like normal.

I have to restart my computer in order to get the internet to work again on my computer.

Troubleshooting my internet or disconnecting and reconnecting the cable doesn’t work, so Gears 5 is somehow messing up my network adapter on my computer or something.


I have the exact same issue. No fix and the coalition twitter support page hasn’t said anything about it. Such a joke of a launch


Same…keep watching my Roomba reboot next to bed lol

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A way ive found to fix this quicker than restarting the PC, when that happens press the windows key and type ‘services’ then find the service labelled ‘IP Helper’ and ‘Xbox Live Network ing Service’ and restart them both and it starts to work again, sometimes have to restart the game as well though!

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Update; apparently there is a bug in the latest version of windows that is causing this issue

I don’t think its just PC…my game will suddenly stop, I reboot the game and can’t connect to anything unless I hard reset my xbox. Doesn’t happen too often but enough to annoy me.

is gears aware of the bug that is causing random internet loss? do they have a means to fix?

I too have this problem on pc when I cross play with my brother in his xbox

I have this problem as well.
I don’t think they’ll look into this since we are a small number of players with this issue.

I doubt this is the root cause, as this was also an issue in Gears 4.

Hello, Have you found a fix by any chance? I just got the game pass and installed Gears 5. Right before a vs game or horde game or escape starts I get stuck on the map screen and then the game doesnt respond. This is followed by Gears 5 disconnecting my internet completely and I have to reset my wifi or my pc in order for my internet to work again. Has anyone found a fix yet?

I have same problem any solution?